Winter, the season of warm sweaters is approaching very close. If in the summer, all you want to do with your hair is to pick it up for the cooler, then the winter is a chance for us to test a series of beautiful hairstyles. Have you ever wondered which hairstyle will be the most beautiful, unified to appear with the sweater yet? Here are some hairstyles guaranteed romantic, beautiful, feminine but still absolutely easy to carry that you should necessarily come with these soft, warm sweater.

1. Lob hair

Lob hair with the length of the shoulders is a perfect choice to keep her ears warm, neck, and make her face look slimmer. This is also the style that suits most of the faces, females can also be varied by cutting the diagonal, leaving the roof long or thin, highlighting the individuality. The lob will help keep the ear and neck warm, combined with the hat, do not make hair tangled. This hairstyle also brings a dynamic, liberal, helping her “cheat” age successfully.

the best hair for winter 1

2. The wavy long hair

If there is a hairstyle that holds the warmth of the winter, it is long curly hair. Long hair over the shoulders, with gentle gums will help the hair look thicker, embrace the face and prevent the wind very well. Moreover, this is also the hairstyle to help the girls wearing a hat or a scarf to show their maximum beautiful hair. Another plus point that makes her “infatuated” hair style is the ability to make the face extremely compact. Round face girls, face dumplings will look more elegant with curly long hair. Long curly hair makes her look more personal when mixed with the winter wool hat. Besides, the scarf will make the long hair curly bends more feminine, gentler.

the best hair for winter 2

3. Bob hair

Do not think bob hair with a short chin or higher will cause you to be cold. This is one of the hottest hair this winter. The bob to reveal the chin, hugging the face will help show off just enough “golden point”. The most popular trend in the cold season is bob + hat or bob hair + newsboy hat, or she can choose a neckerchief, turtleneck to fill the neck to show off her personality. Just having the right accessories, she will become the focus of attention when dating with friends.

the best hair for winter 3

4. The straight hair

Classic hairstyles are the top choice for girls who love feminine style, gentle. Straight, smooth hair is best suited to a girl who has a slim face that can help her show off her smooth lines, giving her radiant face a brighter look. Straight hair is very charming, sweet, “dispel” the cold winter.

the best hair for winter 4

Winter is just around the corner. Have you prepared a winter hairstyle suitably with you in this season? Are any style or color you would like to change? You can visit my website, Luxshinehair. We support you as always the Vietnam hair extension for all texture and color in this winter for you.





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