Even when hair extensions you choose are made from real human hair, you always need to take care of them the best to have beautiful and natural hair images. The lighter the hair color is, the more difficult the hair care becomes. Especially, caring for Blonde hair often makes you feel upset. Don’t be worried, let’s find out all about How to take care of Blonde hair extensions right in this article!

Take Care Of Blonde Hair Extensions

1. Co- washing Blonde hair extensions before installing

It is clear that washing and keeping hair extensions clean and fragrant before applying them on head is necessary to get a nice hair image. Let’s wash them like the way you wash your own hair with suitable kinds of shampoo and conditioner. Shampooing is useful to remove dirt and bad effects on hair and scalp. Whereas, conditioning helps to moisture hair strands and make them look stronger and shinier. Thanks to this co- washing step, blonde hair extensions are always in good condition.

Co Washing Blonde Hair Extensions Before Installing

2. Deep conditioning hair often

Blonde hair products are very dry due to the stripping process that occurs. To avoid tangling or matting, let’s deep condition your blonde hair at least once a week. You can also use a soft towel to wrap all of your hair for about 10 minutes to help the conditioning process become quicker and more effective. After that, you can rinse hair with water and let hair extensions dry softly and naturally.

Deep Conditioning Hair Often

3. Using natural hair care treatments

Natural elements in kinds of jojoba, avocado, almond, coconut oils, etc are really wonderful remedies for hair. Of course, they can also apply them on blonde hair extensions. However, you need to be careful to avoid making unexpected damage.

Using Natural Hair Care Treatments

4. What to avoid

There are a lot of things that you need to avoid so as to keep the most wonderful styles with blonde hair extensions. Effects of heat, chemicals and external damage are the most popular.


Heat from hair styling methods like hair straightener, hair curler, etc makes direct effects on blonde hair strands. It makes hair become weaker and easier to be frizzy and broken. Thus, in unnecessary cases, you should restrict using them to protect hairs better.

Avoid Heat


The chemicals in chlorine that help to keep a pool clean are the same chemicals that will strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture. Thus, when you go swimming, don’t forget to wear a swimming cap to protect blonde hair extensions. If possible, you should avoid exposing chlorine when wearing hair extensions to keep the hair color as well as hair duration the best.

Avoid Chlorine

Severe weather

Problems of severe weather such as high temperature, UV beam, heavy wind, direct sunlight and so on can ruin hair products, especially blonde hair extensions quickly. Thus, you always need to protect your hair from them with a hat, a towel, an UV hair spray or something similar for having a nice hair appearance.

Avoid Severe Weather

Dry shampoos

Using dry shampoo is very useful and convenient to keep hair extensions always beautiful and healthy. However, you shouldn’t abuse this kind too much. It makes hair strands gradually become drier and less natural. Without water, your head can feel the uncomfortableness. After a long time, hairs can easily be broken and your scalp can be itchy, etc. Everything can become uncontrollable.

Avoid Dry Shampoos Too Much


Bleaching hair

Blonde hair extensions are almost dyed from darker hair shades so that you had better not bleach or dye hair anymore. Blonde hair is very beautiful so let’s be satisfied with it!

Avoid Bleaching Hair


Brushing blonde hair extensions too frequently

Many people have very bad habits. Those are brushing hair right after washing and brushing hair in anytime, even when hair is smooth. What crazy things! You don’t need to do that to keep hair lock always in good shape. On the contrary, these acts make your hair, especially blonde hair extensions get more damage, hair tangle and shedding.

Let’s brush hair when your hair is dry and don’t brush hair too often. The important thing is that you brush hair gently so as not to make unexpected hair knots.

Brushing Blonde Hair Extensions Too Frequently

We hope that these suggestions of taking care of blonde hair extensions will help you have the most gorgeous new hair appearance. If you are having demands of good blonde hair products, you can visit Luxshinehair. Hair extensions from 100% real human hair will actually not make you disappointed!

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