Feathered hairstyle appeared in the 70s and it was not only popular with celebrities but also women who worked at office. Today, this hairstyle has come into fashion again and changed the perception of the haircut. With the numerous of modern variations, feathered hairdos will never lose their popularity and girls are able to gian classy and fashionable look. Whether you have short, medium or long hair, the hairstyle will bring you chic and trendy look. Check out the best feathered hairdos that are in trend today.

1. What is feathered hair?

Feathered hair refers to a hairstyle which are initially gained attraction during the 1970s and designed to look like a bird’s feather. This hairstyle contains many layers and brings you a voluminous look because the hair is cut in a V-shape and creates shorter and longer hair layers at the center of your head. We are able to choose the iconic hairstyle from different era, so take a look at 70s feathered hairstyle to find out your best hairdo.

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Feathered Hair

2. 70s feathered hairstyles

Even though there are some weird hairstyle in 70s, this amazing hairstyle still one of the classy and glamorous hairdos that we can’t forget. Just take a glance at these picture below which show you truly beautiful trend.

Jerry Hall’s Curls

Look back 70s hair icons, Jerry Hall’s Curls was definitely one of the most remarkable style. Look at this picture, she looks like a noble lady that nobody can’t take their eyes of her. The beautiful curls always look perfect whether it was her photo in magazine or in daily life. It can be said that her beauty is out of time and the beautiful curly feathered hairdos plays an important role in her flawless look.

Jerry Hall’s Curls

Zendaya’s Shag

Another 70s feathered hairstyle that you can’t skip which is the feathered hairdo of Zendaya’s Shag. This hairstyle is easy to style and great for all hair types. The highlight of Zendaya’s Shag hairstyle is voluminous look. Thank to long bangs and small curls, she looks so charming and attractive. How gorgeous 1970s curly feathered hairstyles can be.

Zendaya’s Shag

Diana Ross’ Disco Curls

Having said that Diana Ross hairstyle was one of the African American feathered bob hairstyles in 1970s. In this picture, she wore a silk grown and her beautiful curls looked so natural. The curls are quite big and it looks great on her style.

Diana Ross’ Disco Curls

3. Short feathered hairdos

What do you think about having a feathered bob hairstyle or pixie haircut? Inspired by feathered hairstyle, a voluminous pixie haircut is considered a great option to define the beauty features of your face. The messy hair together with pixie haircut will bring you effortlessness and make you look and full unforgettable. Having said that messy but in the right way will bring you an incredible and unique look. Why don’t you try pixie feathered hairdos once time in your life?

Short Feathered Hair

However not every girl is ready to cut off their hair to get pixie haircut. If you are one of them, feathered bob hairstyles will be a great choice for you. Most feathered bob hairstyles look great with a side part and a little messiness. If you want to highlight feathered bob hairstyle, you can experiment with different hair colors. It is an ideal way to enhance the beauty of feathers and help girls gain charming and gorgeous look.

Feathered Bob

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4. Medium feathered hair

Here is another feather hairdo options for you. It can be said that medium length hair is quite versatile because girls are able to create various hairdos for feathered hair. If you are a big fan of choppy look, the side bang and layers will enhance your voluminous look. Besides, the layers can be emphasized by different hair colors which help girls get attention in the crowd. Feathered hairstyles for medium length hair is perfect for all types of face and look cute and stylish.

Medium Feathered Hair

5. Feathered cut for curly hair

Can you imagine how your curls look like if you get your hair. Back to 70s, trendy hairstyles were all about big or medium curls. If you have long hair and look for the classic haircut, feathered cut for curly hair will be your ideal choice. A true classic will never go out of style. Feathered hair with bangs and long curly layers give you a fresh and iconic appearance. Look fresh and feel confident about your gorgeous hair with feathered cut for curly hair.

Feathered Cut For Curly Hair

What do you think about feathered hairstyles? If you enjoy this post, follow Luxshinehair to read more beautiful and trendy hairstyles like this.

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