Please view our color chart below where you’ll find all the hair extension colors we have on offer. As you can see on some pictures below and you can choose color which type of hair extensions you would like. Our biggest color selection comes in our 6-32 inches range where there are 31 colors! Choosing the right color of color chart online can be difficult! If you are not sure which color is best suited for you, we recommend using Luxshinehair’s service. We will help you choose the color you want. Our experienced staff will happily help you choose what we feel is the best color for you.

Luxshinehair color chart

color chart 1 color chart 2 color chart 3

Our recommendations

Luxshinehair are on trend with seasonal hair colors and fashions. It’s just as important to keep your hair up to date as it is your wardrobe. You can choose from the ever popular Balayage, Ombre, piano stripe, rich autumn colors of chocolate brown, cherry red and auburn. Perhaps you’d rather the simplicity of black or blonde and add some fun with a touch of one of our bright fashion colors. If there is a particular color you would like to see installed or in a different light please email our friendly and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Let me repeat again, Luxshinehair is one big supplier human hair in Vietnam. We supply hair product in Machine weft hair extensions, Clip in, Tape in, Tips hair, Closure and Frontal… in all colors.

You can try our Vietnamese hair extensions products to have a healthy and perfect hair! Please note, to get the best quality and best wholesale price for human hair, please come to Luxshinehair.

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