Michelle Obama is the First Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017. She is the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama’s wife and also the the first African- American First Lady. With such a huge position like that, Michelle Obama always needs to have perfect appearances in public. Apart from her neat clothes and elegant gestures, her hair is also taken notice. In this article, Luxshinehair would like to introduce you the most beautiful images of Michelle Obama hair. We hope that they will be useful suggestions for your next change of hairstyle!

Michelle Obama Hair

1.Michelle Obama natural hair

Michelle Obama is an African- American woman so that her hair texture is like almost black women. Michelle Obama natural hair is black, thick and strong. That is a very big advantage of her to have different images of hairstyles. The former American First Lady have tried a lot of hairstyles with various length size as well as textures. Each image gave her an identical look which was suitable for different contexts.

Before becoming the First lady, Michelle Obama was also like other girls. She liked having unique and comfortable but familiar with African- American women like combed back short hair or dreadlocks. At that time, she looked so natural and lovely.

Michelle Obama Natural Hair

2. Michelle Obama shoulder length wavy hair

When being the First Lady of America, having polite hairstyles is very important. Michelle Obama real hair is quite beautiful and healthy so that having wavy hair with shoulder length size is a wise choice.

To have the most radiant and brightest appearance, Michelle Obama chose middle part style or side part style for hair. Her forehead was not be covered so that her face look more harmonious. In addition, hair waves were soft and natural which was suitable for the lady’s mature and charming gesture.

Having outstanding hair colors was not highly appreciated so that she often kept this hairstyle with her natural black hair. Sometimes, she changed it with light brown for new but not offensive images.

Michelle Obama Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

3. Michelle Obama curly hair

The natural appearance of Michelle Obama with curly hair in 2019 Essence Festival actually took all audiences by surprise. She had ombre hair with natural black tone and impressive light brown color. It sounded like after finishing two political tenues with her husband, our Lady had more time caring for hair as well as making more comfortable images.

This hairdo is the style that every African American women have ever made. It is traditional, natural and full of attractiveness.

Michelle Obama Curly Hair

4. Michelle Obama straight bob hair

Michelle Obama likes bob hairstyles and straight bob hair which is beautiful, comfortable and look powerful. We also know that Michelle Obama is not only the US’s President’s wife but also she is a professional lawyer so that her appearance with straight bob hair helps her look stronger and more self- confident than ever.

Normally, this kind of Michelle Obama short hair is often combined without bangs or with middle part hair. However, sometimes, she also changed this style with fringe hair on informal occasions. It made her appearance become younger and softer.

Michelle Obama Straight Bob Hair


5. Michelle Obama pixie hair

Our First lady has ever had pixie hairstyle which looks so creative and impressive. This hairstyle is attractive and never out of fashion. Even, it is considered the trendiest short hairstyle of black women.

She kept this short hairstyle neatly with sleek black hair color and impressive deep side part style. Combining with outstanding accessories, polite clothes and of course professional gestures, Michelle Omama was worth being the most beautiful First Lady with pixie hair.

Michelle Obama Pixie Hair

6. Michelle obama hair updos

Having updo hairstyles is exactly one of the best ways to make powerful images for the First lady. Updos are elegant and various so that Michelle Obama can have many impressive styles with them.

Sometimes, she had short hair which was highly sprayed to fix the outstanding hair texture. Sometimes, she had a small low bun which was neat and subtle. Obviously, hair curls and hair waves are maximally used by her to make mild and natural appearances. Suitable ornaments and clothes were always essential for the poweful women like Michelle. Thanks to them, her updo hairstyles became much more outstanding.

Michelle Obama Hair Updo

7. Michelle Obama hair extensions

To have immediate beautiful hair, wearing hair extensions is the best and quickest way for womankind. Our Lady has ever used hair extensions several times at least. Michelle Obama hair weave is highly appreciated. Seeing her hair change only in short time, we can easily recognize that she had added real hair products to have wonderful appearance.

Making beauty for your hair is necessary even when your real hair is combined with hair extensions. they make you feel more beautiful and self- confident so why don’t you try them like the way Michelle Obama did with her hair?

Michelle Obama Hair Extensions

These above suggestions of Michelle Obama hair are all classic hairstyles. However, images that they bring to hair is always beautiful and fashionable.

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