Firstly, we would like to mention that this post is completely not a war- causing post between brands of hair extensions. The only goal that we want to let you know is the differences between raw human hair sources so that you can choose the most suitable one for yourself. For now, let’s check them out immediately!


1. Raw Indian Hair

India is one of countries which can supply a large quantity of hair extensions to the global hair market. Indian women often keep long hair for their custom so that they take care of hair very well. Obviously, this hair source is considered extremely black, strong and smooth.

However, raw virgin Indian hair also has its weakness. The hair core is pretty big so that it sometimes gives the rough feeling which is less soft and natural. If you are a Caucasian girl, using hair extensions from India can be not suitable because your essential hair looks much thinner.

Raw Indian Hair

2. Raw Brazillian Hair

This is the typical hair source of American people who have hair which is beautiful, strong and natural curly. The source of Brazilian hair is quite similar to other hair sources of South African and South American countries.

With such a wide coverage like that, it is not difficult for this source of raw human hair become popular with almost women in the world. Of courses, apart from the natural curly texture, Brazilian raw hair is also re-styled with many different straight, wavy and curly hair. Hair becomes straighter but still has something kinky.

Brazilian Hair

3. Raw Russian Hair

When you need nice hair sources from the European region, you can find for bulk hair or any kind of raw hair extensions from Russia. In a cold- region country, women hair is almost not black hair. Their hair often looks lighter with shades of natural brown or blonde. Obviously, it can be black or any other color when you order these hair products because diverse kinds of hair dye are always available.

Although the hair color is beautiful and bright, Russian hair has a weakness. It is slimmer and easier to get tangles. However, you can completely deal with that when you care for them skillfully and frequently.

Raw Russian Hair

4. Raw Malaysian Hair

If you like hair extensions of Asian women, Malaysian hair is really one of good choices. Hair is quite black, straight and thick. Hair strands are also relatively big that guarantee so as to make your hair appearance always look strong and voluminous.

Let’s make sure that you buy high quality products there because hair products are often faked. Not only does hair with low quality causes bad impacts on your beauty but they are also easy to get damage as well as make side effects to your health for long.

Raw Malaysian Hair

5. Raw Vietnamese Hair

There is another ideal choice for you when choosing nice raw hair extensions. It is raw human hair from Vietnam. Although Vietnam hair is not too as famous as other above brands in the market of hair extensions, this is the hair source that we would like to recommend the most. It has many advantages that hair of other regions doesn’t have.

Vietnam raw hair is initially straight, smooth and sleeky black. Moreover, hair core is medium. It is not too big and not too slim so that people, especially women in all over the world can use to have the best look. In addition, hair of traditional Vietnamese women is often very long and strong, it will give the most impressive and attractive images.

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To avoid buying low quality products, we suggest you to use hair extensions of raw virgin hair of Luxshinehair. This is the top brand of hair extensions which supplies diverse types of hair extensions with good quality from 100% Vietnam remy and virgin hair. It doesn’t matter if you want to choose bulk hair, weave hair, clip in hair, etc with any texture of natural straight, wavy or curly hair, Luxshinehair products can make you feel fully satisfied.

We hope that our suggestions of raw hair sources in the world will help you have more choices to get good hair extensions with perfect looks.

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