You must have heard of Balayage before coming here. Balayage, being as cool as its name, is a French word that means “to sweep” or “to paint”. Balayage offers up impressive and natural hair colors, beautifying your life in a unique way. Here are some good things you may want to know to choose the best colors for your Balayage without bleach.

balayage without bleach

What differentiate Balayage without bleach from other types of hair dye?

Hair dye applies color into the hair follicle. On the other hand, Balayage “sweep” color from the cuticle. It may or may not involve bleaching your hair but all offers mixed highlights far from the hair roots. Therefore, it grows out naturally while there is no need to care about the roots’ color when they are getting longer and longer daily. That’s why Balayage is favored by so many people.

What Balayage color goes well with your original hair?

If you love your original hair color and do not want to cause your strands so much harm, it is ideal to have Balayage without bleach.

What color should you pick if your hair is cool dark brown hair?

02 balayage without bleach

If your natural strands are as cool dark brown as chocolate or dark ash brown, you should think of your balayage with a light blonde color. It is a nice sun-kissed color that you could imagine as the image of the sun warming up your beautiful land and making it the most mysterious thing ever.

Basing on your skin tone, you could figure out yourself whether your hair is cool or warm. Try silver or gold jewelry to check which one looks better on you. If you seem to look best with silver jewelry, then your skin tone is likely cool, while your skin color is warm if you look better with gold jewelry.

What if your hair is natural or warm brown hair?

03 balayage without bleach

Color of caramel should be a nice suggestion. If you have got warmer-toned or natural hair in shades like walnut or mahogany, try blonde highlights with more yellow. Caramel or honey blonde shade is just perfect for a warm and sweet look.

You would better make sure you know your skin tone not to make a weird combination. Use the tip introduced above for a simple examine.

You own cool blonde hair naturally?

03 04 balayage without bleach

Give a flaxen or beige balayage a try if your strands are cool blonde. If you wish to apply balayage without bleach to highlight your hair with light, icy-toned blonde shade, you should try a shade with no warm tones like cool beige or flaxen. These perfect metallic shades of highlights can amazingly enhance the gray-green tint of your strands.

Balayage highlights will only be outstanding on dirty blonde shade, as opposed to platinum. If your hair is white blonde, you would better apply lowlights instead.

Gorgeous balayage without bleach if your hair is yellower blonde

You have yellower blonde hair, then light gold dye is not a bad idea.

If your blonde hair is as warm as honey and sandy shades, you are recommended to use light gold, beachy, or burnished yellow. Those marvelous highlights will help add depth and graceful movement to your naturally blonde hair.

Balayage on red hair?

03 05 balayage without bleach

Balayage could be a wise technique to differentiate your red hair from a boring hair dye. You will look as distinctive and attractive as you wish. A general advice is to match red hair with balayage in the same color family.

If your hair tone is blue – red like wine or scarlet, you can try cooler shades such as strawberry.

With an orange-red hair color, copper or ginger highlights should look wonderful on you.

If your hair is natural jet black

If you have jet black hair, you may not think you will have a sun-kissed look. However, balayage is still your good choice if you have a wise color pick.

For a very safe change, you should apply a light brown color for your balayage. This combination is quite similar to the way you should treat cool dark brown hair.

0306 balayage without bleach

Black hair could go so well with special colors like purple while you never see this color combines with blonde hair.

06 balayage without bleach

The image of purple balayage on the black background shows the perfect beauty that could not fully described by words.

If you are not lucky enough to have thick hair with beautiful styles, it is a great idea to have some hair extensions that are suggested here.

As long as you love your hair enough, you will know how to make it as charming and impressive as who you are. Balayage without bleach is a simple way to color your life and make it more enjoyable.


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