In the 1960s, the French movie-star and fashion model, Brigitte Bardot known for not only her talent but also her sexy beautiful hair. The female actress owns long sleek blonde hair and she ingenious create attractive hairstyle. Even though time has passed, she is still considered one of the sexiest symbols of all time. So, have you ever wonder why the ideas of Brigitte Bardot’s hairstyle can inspire many girls so far? Whether you are a big fan of Bardot or not, looking back some her sleek and chic hairstyles to discover your ideal hair.

Brigitte Bardot

1. The secret behind Brigitte Bardot hair

Being sexy and gorgeous means something attractive to everyone, thus, there is no single way to achieve that look. One of the essential key that make any girl look stunning is the lovely hair. While beauty often refers to the latest trend, Bardot hair never goes out of style. One of the biggest strength of this hair is that it suits all face shapes, so girls are able to achieve gorgeous hairstyles. It can be said that every girl wants to look attractive and Brigitte Bardot hair will help them to get their desirable hairstyle. Brigitte Bardot hair trend is coming back into fashion, so let’s find out which one will fit your mood.

Brigitte Bardot Hair

Another factor makes Brigitte Bardot hair become special is about the natural hair color. The iconic of this hairstyle is Brigitte Bardot hair color. The blonde hair makes the female actress look so gorgeous and shiny from top to bottom.

The Secret Behind Brigitte Bardot Hair

2. Brigitte Bardot long hair

Trends have come and gone over the years, but Brigitte Bardot long hair has remained timeless and stunning. Brigitte Bardot hairstyle looks elegant and the female actress always look confident in her long blonde hair. Do you realize that the 1960s has a hair rule which is the volume? It is the reason why Brigitte Bardot often split her hair down the middle and show off her long chic blonde hair.

Brigitte Bardot Long Hair

3. Brigitte Bardot short hair

If you are too familiar with Brigitte Bardot long hair and seek for something new and odd, Brigitte Bardot short hair is able to meet your expectation. Looking at this picture, Brigitte Bardot decided to style short bob with bangs. In case you want to enhance your short curls, all you need to do is sweep them to one side. Brigitte Bardot hair is definitely elegant hairstyle and her style lived on throughout the decade and beyond.

Brigitte Bardot Short Hair

4. Brigitte Bardot hair bangs

When Brigitte Bardot often took photos with long, messy hairstyle, the French actress also appeared with beautiful bangs. Combined with her cat eye liner and blonde hair, Brigitte Bardot hair bangs made her look so sexy. Although cat eyes are notoriously difficult to achieve, the look is actually attractive and easy to apply. The bang is often parted above the center of the face, so it gives an emphasis on her beautiful appearance. Characterized by effortless, Brigitte Bardot hair bangs is easy to obtain and girls look so gorgeous in this style.

Brigitte Bardot Hair Bangs

5. Modern Brigitte Bardot hair

Her timeless look has been replicated again and again and lately a ton of celebrities are following Brigitte Bardot hair either literally or in their own interpretation. Take a look to see how celebrities use the style as inspiration for both classic and modern look.

Chloe Moretz

If you have a round face as Chloe Moretz, styling your hair with Bardot bang will be the perfect option. Looking at this picture, actress Chloe subtly parts bangs in the middle and she knows exactly how to pull off the look. How about you? Let’s start to style your beautiful hair.

Chloe Moretz

Zooey Deschanel

Another celebrity who know how to style beautiful hair with bangs is Zooey Deschanel. She smoothly pulls off Bardot bangs with her oval face shape. It can’t be denied that Zooey Deschanel achieves an elegant look thank to her beautiful hair.

Zooey Deschanel


Duff posted a picture on Instagram to show off her new look. In this picture, she looks really gorgeous and nobody can take their eyes off her. Her hairstyle was inspired from Brigitte Bardot. The now mom of two skillfully brings back the past beauty trend in her own style. What do you think about this hairstyle?


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