What do you think about some baby hairs on your head? The truth is that all girls have baby hair which is literally hair around the perimeter of our head, but not everyone knows how to style it. For decades, stylized baby hair has become one of the outlet of creativity for back women. If you are still looking for beautiful style of baby hairs, take a look at these pictures of celebrities below to get ideas about your baby hair.

Baby Hair

1. What is baby hair?

Before we looked to different styles of baby hair trend, it’s important to understand what is baby hair. Initially, baby hair that originated in Africa knew as a part of black culture and was not popular hairstyle. But it seems baby hair now become one of the beauty trends for both black and white girls this season. About baby hairs, they are small, fine and wispy hairs which are located around the edges of your hair. Depending on your natural hair texture, they can be long, short, or even curly. Having said that your baby hair can be pretty if you know how to grow and style them, as well.

Baby Hairs

2. Tips to encourage baby hair growth

In order to unleash your creativity with baby hair, growing them out can be one of the practical way. There are various ways to promote baby hair growth, some of which include the following:

  • Vitamin E supplementation: To promote baby hair growth, firstly you should care about protein-rich supplement. It is shown that Vitamin E plays an important role in good hair growth and it is used in various hair care products such as fish oil. However, to make use of all benefit of vitamin you should read the directions of those products carefully.
  • Giving your scalp massages: Have you ever heard about massing your scalp to boost hair growth? In fact, after busy day massaging your scalp not only help you relax but also stimulate baby hair growth. Besides, you can add some essential oil before massing because oil will provide necessary moisture for healthy hair growth.
  • Washing hair gently and regularly: It can be said that your baby hair is quite fragile, then the best way is to wash your hair with nutrient shampoo and be gentle with your hair.

A Style Of Baby Hairs

3. Tame baby hair efficiently

If your baby hair can’t reach the ideal length in a short time, some trick below will help you to tame your baby hair. As you know, prevention is always better and easier than a cure. Although we can’t get rid of baby hair permanently, some options below will be effective solutions for your baby hair

  • A clear mascara: It can sound weird but a clear mascara and a brow tamer will keep your baby hair in shape. Do you know that mascara is a light version of the hair gel, so it can tame your baby hair in the right way as you expected.
  • The toothbrush trick: If you are too busy and can’t spend time on washing and styling your hair, toothbrush could be useful to you. Take some dry shampoo on your scalp and gently smooth it by your fingers. Next, use toothbrush to comb them into place.

Brush Trick

Let’s try these tricks once time to style your hair. It’s simple and can save a lot of time.

Ckeck out impressive images of Liza Koshy at Met Gala

4. Style your baby hair with pride

Whether you like baby hair or not, you can’t ignore them. Styling baby hair can be a nightmare, but it will become your pride when you know how to deal with them. Looking at some pictures of celebrities below to get the inspiration of their baby hair style.

  • FKA twigs

If your baby hairs are long enough, why don’t you try hairstyle as the rock singer FKA twigs. She aptly shapes baby hairs into waves along the side of her head. She looks so attractive and her baby hair is a highlight for her gorgeous hair.

Fka Twigs

  • Zendaya’s

If you don’t want to brush baby hair forward, try creating U-shape like Zendaya’s. She carefully keeps the baby hair into place. Zendaya’s looks so stunning at red carpet and her baby hairs look great.


  • Givenchy

The truth is that baby hairs not only suit both black and white women. There are many things that Givenchy known for, and her image at the show Fall Winter 2015 is one of those. She appears with a sleek middle part and baby hairs create a high spot on her appearance.


What do you think about baby hair styles? From now on you no longer worry about your baby hair and it is time to style them. If you enjoy this post, keep follow us to read more article like this.




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