Despite being 50 years old these days, “the Rachel” of American film industry still always looks young and full of vitality. The one who we want to talk about in this article is exactly Jennifer Aniston. People often ask whether there is any useful way helping Jennifer hack her age for such a lot of years and of course, our answer is “Yes!”. The quickest and best way to help her have a completely difference appearance is changing hairstyles and hair colors. Don’t believe? Check them out with “Jennifer Aniston hair color” right now!

1. Dark brown wavy hair

Jennifer Aniston has a harmonious face and soft characteristic so that her appearance is very suitable for mild styles of hair waves. When Jennifer was a young girl, she often appeared with this long hair wave, which embellished her soft and elegant style. Whereas, natural dark brown hair color combining with trendy side swept bangs helped her face look so bright and beautiful.


Jennifer Aniston Deep Brown Hair

2. Light brown loose curly hair

With the bright face, it is not difficult for “the Rachel” to try her hair with unique light brown loose hair curls. Different from soft hair waves, curly hair brought to her something so active and wild. Light brown color was not too strange but it fitted perfectly with her curly hair and her character in the movie she was playing.

Light Brown Loose Curly Hair3. Layered short bob with highlighted brown

In 1995, Jennifer Aniston took everyone by surprise when she had this very shortcut. Layered curved bob hair made her look extremely young and energetic while brown hair highlighted with blonde hair strands made her hair become more creative and eye- catching than ever.

Layered Short Bob With Highlighted Brown 

4. Sleek brown curved lob

When her hair was longer abit, Jennifer changed her hairstyle with sleek brown curved lob. Having a big advantage of smooth and natural feature, Jennifer’s appearance looked extremely charming with this style. Jennifer Aniston hair color was also highly appreciated because it is soft but bright and outstanding enough.

Dark brown hue was sleeked and made impression with other people right at the first sight. Jennifer’s face is very suitable with hair layers so that she often uses this texture for her hairstyles and hair colors until now.

Sleek Brown Curved Lob

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5. Ash brown wavy hair

In time dating with Brad Pitt, Jennifer also usually changed her image with many different styles and one of the styles making her feel the most satisfied might be hair wave with ash brown hair color.

This Jennifer Aniston brown hair color was great. Ash tone made brown hair look much more impressive and brighter while wavy hair was very soft and natural. Jennifer seemed to be very happy, wasn’t she?

Ash Brown Wavy Hair

6. Blonde long hair

Long hair is the simplest texture of hair but not every people can look good with it. However, Jennifer is one in the small amount of the other ones. In 2000s, long hair which is layered and middle parted makes her face look more charming and powerful than ever. Sometimes, she also changed this hairstyle with side swept style and the image was also very attractive.

Jennifer Aniston blonde hair color is bright, sleek and never out of fashion. It helped beautify her white skin tone as well as her perfect appearance. It can’t be denied that these haircut and hair color were loved much and they are often used by Jennifer after she married the talented actor Brad Pitt.

Blonde Long Hair

7. Impressive honey blonde hair

Jennifer changes her hairstyles many times but her hair color is not often be changed. She likes basic hair colors because they make her appearance look natural and healthy. Perhaps, the lightest color she uses is honey blonde.

At an event in 2009, she had her medium length hair with some soft loose hair curls and braided bangs. This impressive texture was totally suitable with Jennifer Aniston blonde hair color with honey blonde tone. The neat hairdo combining with the bright hair color made her face look absolutely attractive and gorgeous.

Impressive Honey Blonde Hair

8. Balayage hair wave

On April, 2017, Jennifer appeared with her outstanding balayage hair. The perfect combination between chestnut brown color and sleek blond hair tone made her hair look more gorgeous than ever. It sounded like even when after she married to the second husband Justin Theroux, she also didn’t like changing her hobby with classical hair colors. Anyways, her hair always look beautiful and impressive.

Balayage Hair Wave

9. Layered hair with Golden beige blonde color

Now, Jennifer Aniston has become a single lady but the breakage of her marriage can’t make her emaciated. She comes back showbiz with a stronger appearance. She is still be loyal to layered hairstyle but this time it is straight hair and the unique golden beige blonde hair color. Jennifer looks so attractive, right?

Golden Beige Blonde Color

We hope that these suggestions of “Jennifer Aniston hair color” will give you further ideas for the coming change of your hairstyle. In case your hair is thin, short or weak, you can ask for Vietnam Luxshinehair extensions, we can meet all of your demands with our high quality hair extensions. You will actually have perfect images like Jennifer’s!

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