If short hair makes you meet trouble in styling and long hair takes you a lot of time to take care, why don’t you try having an armpit length hair style? With the medium length size, this style is both beautiful and comfortable. You can create hair locks diversely to give wonderful results. Let’s check them out with the trend of 2020 hairstyles!

1. Some description of armpit length hair

Styles with armpit length hair are not new but they are always popular and trendy because wonderful features that they have. As the name, hair has the length which reaches your armpits. This is considered the ideal length because it helps womankind to look energetic but still soft and charming.

No matter what your age group is, you can completely cut your hair with this length size. Because hairs are not too short, you can get many impressive styles with them. In 2020, armpit length hairdos are becoming famous because they are applied by many women all over the world, including celebrities.

Armpit Length Hair

2. Hairstyles for armpit length hair

Armpit length dark brown straight hair

Styles with straight hair always give women mature and soft images and straight armpit length hair does too. Seeing the image of Mila Kunis hair right here below, you can easily feel that thing. She has armpit length natural hair with soft brunette hair and active middle part style.

Obviously, this actress never let her appearance look tedious anyways. Her white skin and dark makeup style help her hair become more outstanding and impressive.

armpit length dark brown hair straight

Armpit length wavy hair

Let’s look into the smile of Jessica Alba! Do you like her hairstyle, right? Her face looks so bright with the unique hairstyle. With medium length hair, she skillfully combine it with mild hair waves to embellish her angel image. She doesn’t keep bangs and that makes her face look more balanced and graceful.

This hairstyle is the popular hairdo as for womankind. It is not difficult to create it with styles of hair waves and hair colors so that it is always beautiful and trendy.

Armpit Length Wavy Hair

Ombre armpit length hair

Margot Robbie always appears in public with impressive blonde hair styles. She completely doesn’t look faded with armpit hair even when she keeps her daily blonde hair shade. At the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, this beautiful actress takes all people by surprise with her pure style.

She has brown to blonde ombre medium length hair which looks both eye- catching and attractive. Having some small braided strands on hair is really wonderful and creative to make her appearance become more outstanding. More importantly, this hairstyle fits her white dress perfectly and make her look bright as a Princess in the crowd.

Ombre Armpit Length Hair

Armpit length curly hair

Shakira is essentially famous for her typical blonde curly hair. It makes her appearance look so wild and mysterious. She often keeps curly locks too long but remains hair locks with armpit length size.

Not only does this style show her personality clearly but it also helps her to look much younger and fresher. However, this hairdo is very easy to get tangled so that you need to consider before choosing it. With good care, curly hair locks will always give you wonderful images.

Armpit Length Curly HairLayered armpit length hair

Sometimes, you only need to trim your hair into layers and your hairstyle can become completely different. Layered armpit length hair is one of styles that are loved the most by women. It is up to your skin tone and your face shape that you can styles with it flexibly.

For example, layered straight hairstyle give young image while layered wavy hair is soft and charming, etc.

Layered armpit length hair

Armpit length hair with bangs

If you like having an armpit length style which is sweet and fresh, combining some hair bangs is ideal. This is the popular hairstyle of Korean Idols and it really goes viral in all over the world.

Keeping bangs helps to cover shortcomings on face such as high forehead, long face, etc very well so that there is no reason for you not to try.

These styles of armpit length hair are so wonderful, right? In this 2020, let’s try changing your common haircuts with these wonderful styles and feel amazing effects they bring to you!


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