When talking about Ariana Grande hair, we make sure that almost of you will think about an active singer with her brand ponytail hairstyle, right? However, not in everytime she has this style. Sometimes, she becomes surprisingly soft and graceful with her relaxed hair. In this article, let’s discover uncommon times of Ariana Grande hair down together with Luxshinehair!

Ariana Grande makes her hair with ponytail styles for almost events that she takes part in. However, that doesn’t mean she never has other hairstyles. When she has hair down styles, she also looks gorgeous and bright.

Ariana Grande Hair Down
Ariana Grande Hair Down

1. Ariana Grande natural hair down

For people who don’t know much about Ariana Grande natural hair, let’s check it out right here. Her hair is black to brown color and it is naturally curly. This hairstyle is quite popular but impressive. Hair curls helps her look more charming and energetic while her hair color is so soft.

When Ariana let her natural hair down, she often combines this style with eye- catching highlights such as making hair corn rows on a side of head and keeping side part style. This hairstyle gives her feelings which is absolutely young and naive.

Ariana Grande Natural Hair Down
Ariana Grande Natural Hair Down

2. Ariana Grande with hair down extensions

Before, Ariana often had her hair with relaxed down style. She even dyed it with many dazzling hair colors such as red or blonde. We can’t deny that her natural hair with those colors brought to her images which were extremely beautiful and impressive. However, after many times bleaching and dyeing hair, her hair became worse than ever. She had also shared on her Facebook that her hair was seriously damaged by many time dyeing hair with red color during 4 years. That is exactly the reason why she always need to wear hair extensions, especially hair wefts and ponytail hair everytime.

Ariana Red Hair Down

For now, almost recent pictures of Ariana Grande hair down have the contribution of hair extensions. Perhaps, we have been too familiar with her outstanding ponytail hairstyles and forget impressive images of her with hair down extensions.

Ariana Grande With Hair Down Extensions
Ariana Grande With Hair Down Extensions

3. Ariana Grande hair down 2019

In her Sweetener World Tour in Chicago night, our “Thank U, Next” hit- maker took all of her fans by surprise with her image behind the scene. She had hair down with her natural expression for tasty food. Her fans even were very excited and hoped that she could continue having this image in the future.

Ariana Grande had her all hair down with very long length size and straight texture of hair. It was clear that she had used hair extensions for this impressive appearance but we can’t deny that it looked so beautiful and natural. Only by a black- white picture did we also recognize that her hair down was very smooth and sleek that can look outstanding in anywhere.

Ariana Grande Hair Down 2019
Ariana Grande Hair Down 2019

4. Ariana Grande hair down 2018

Ariana Grande hair down at MTV Awards, 2018

In 2018, Ariana also had a lot of times that she let her hair down when appearing at events. Her appearance at MTV Awards 2018 was exactly one of them.She had bright and sleek clothing and her familiar very long hair. However, she didn’t keep ponytail hair but let it freely relaxed.

She had her long hair with natural sleek brown hair color. A little of curved hair on ends made soft impressions for her whole hair. This hairstyle was actually useful that helped her look much more mature and charming when comparing to her modest body.

Ariana Grande Hair Down At Mtv Awards, 2018
Ariana Grande Hair Down At Mtv Awards, 2018

Ariana Grande hair down on street

In a day off in 2018, images of Ariana Grande on a street in New York city were unintentionally caught. This appearance of her was completely different from common images when she had active ponytail hairstyles.

Ariana wore her straight and down hair extensions. Her hair was dyed with ombre hair color between dark roots and light brown ends. It gave feelings which are extremely natural and comfortable on common days. Ari also made up but it was not too thick and it still looked nice and attractive.

Ariana Grande Hair Down On Street
Ariana Grande Hair Down On Street

She appeared with a freesize white sweatshirt and thigh-high boots which looked so comfortable but outstanding. Many fans even didn’t recognize her in this appearance but they couldn’t deny that this image of her was really charming and lovely.

5. Ariana Grande hair down on magazines’ covers.

Other celebrities appears on magazines’ covers is common and nothing special. However, the situation of Ariana Grande is different. Images of her on magazines actually make viewers can’t resist. She often has her hair down with impressive hair colors instead of having her brand ponytail hairstyle.

For examples, images of Ariana Grande on Vouge or Elle’s covers made her fans feel so excited. She had shades of blonde hair such as soft ash blonde or outstanding platinum blonde hair hue. Ari rarely kept bright hair colors so when she had blonde long hair on magazines’ covers, that looked extremely fresh and impressive.

Ariana Grande On Elle's Cover
Ariana Grande On Elle’s Cover

Of course, there still have many other times that Ariana Grande let her hair down. However, we make sure that these newest images will not make you disappointed when your idol has hairstyles which is completely different from her images in common.

6. Ariana Grande half up wavy long hair

In the past, when her hair was not ruined by hair damage or hair breakage, she often let her hair down for the loveliest and most charming images. Ariana Grande hair down style that she loved most that time could be half up wavy long hair.

Loose hair waves, which are soft and attractive, makes her naive and childlike face become more mature. Whereas, light brown hair color is a hair tone which is never out of fashion. It can be suitable with every skin tone as well as face shape so that it become one of the top choice for Ariana Grande hair color.

Half Up Wavy Long Hair
Half Up Wavy Long Hair

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