Why am I talking about hair brushing while it seems to be the simplest thing in the world? Sometimes your hair gets damaged by unexpected reasons you never think they are that harmless. In this article, we will go through some of the most common hair brushing mistakes that make your hair scared of your brush.

You pick the wrong brush


The number of hairbrush types in the market is unlimited. You should choose your own brush according to your hair texture. For example, if you have thin or fine strands, you had better avoid a brush with a stiff bristle. Instead, choose one with soft bristles and a rubber cushion, which shall allow the bristles to be more flexible. In case you have coarse hair, pick a brush with a combo of nylon and boar bristles to help detangle thicker strands.

Your brush should be supportive of your desired hairstyles, too. Round and metal brushes help add volume while you’re blow-drying. Meanwhile, flat ones are great for sleeker finishes. A flat, paddle-shaped brush is useful to put hair into a ponytail or an up-do. Rethink the way you use brushes with balls at the end of each bristle since your hair may wrap around the balls and become ripped out. You could replace it with a bristle brush or comb with staggered teeth, which helps get rid of knots without tearing out your strands.

You use the same brush whether your strands are wet or dry

brush wet hair

Your hair is fragile and most vulnerable when it is wet, hence, you are not encouraged to brush your wet hair.

Nevertheless, if you must do it for a haircut or applying some hair products, you should smooth your hair with your fingers first. After that, use a wide-tooth comb or a specifically designed brush whose flexible bristles won’t break or tug wet hair.

You brush in the wrong direction

I used to brush my hair from top to bottom and realized it caused more knots, damage, and breakage. I was just too impatient but that way turned out to be more time-consuming.

For the sake of your hair health, you should start a few inches from the ends and gradually work your way up to the roots. Finally, do not skip the top of your head to deliver natural oils and improve hair and scalp health.

brush in right direction

You brush through dry curls

If your strands are curly, you should not brush through your dry curls. Because this can aggravate the hair cuticle and may break off the curls. Instead, you had better use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the curls when they are wet.

You do not brush enough

It is one of the most common hair brushing mistakes. Some girls just brush their hair when it becomes a mass of tangles or when they are about to go out. However, brushing your hair a few times per day brings more benefits than just detangling your strands, especially if it is long. Your brush shall help conditions strands, distributing oils from roots to ends to make your hair less greasy. Furthermore, brushing your hair in the right way will act as a scalp massage. This will improve scalp health and promote hair growth. This is the reason why you should not just brush your hair ends and ignore the hair roots.

You brush too much


Frequent brushing increases contact between the hair strands and your brush, scratching your hair and leaving it damaged.

In case your hair easily gets tangled, you had better find radical solutions to solve it rather than often combing your hair.

You skip brushing before you wash it

You can ignore this step if your hair is short. Otherwise, you should definitely brush your hair before shampooing. Because your hair massage, while you shampoo, will make the strands intertwined, especially you massage your hair in a circular motion. If your hair is tangled before you wash your hair, it will become a mess after that. Whenever I forget to detangle my hair before shampooing, I will have to use strong force to do it later.

That seems to be no big deal but your hair brushing mistakes can lead to severe damage for your hair in the long run. You should pamper your hair as it always needs your love.


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