Are you planning to have some hair extensions but wondering which type is both affordable and good to use? Have you heard of synthetic hair bundles that are widely known in the hair fashion field? If you ask us whether you should buy synthetic bundles for your hair extension, we could not say Yes or No. Instead, we will tell you the pros and cons of these hair extensions. It is up to you in choosing your ideal type.

What is a synthetic hair bundle?

synthetic bundles with closure

Synthetic hair which contains man-made fibers is the most popular type of Non – human hair extensions. The producers create it from polymers in an effort to make a similar appearance as your real hair. Specifically, the synthetic hair bundles commonly consist of a variety of artificial plastics and polymers such as Acrylonitrile, PVC, Acrylic, Vinyl, Silicone, Polyethylene Terephthalate, and Singlefilament polyester.

Advantages of Synthetic Hair Bundles

In other words, why does Synthetic hair hold a certain market share?

First of all, it is affordable.  If you compare the cost of synthetic hair with Human hair extensions such as Remy hair or Virgin hair, you will notice a significant price gap. This is the biggest reason for explaining the existence of Synthetic hair bundles.

Secondly, it has a good ability in holding hairstyles. For example, synthetic curls will be almost unchanged during its lifespan thanks to the plastics and polymers components.

Also, it is easily available. You can find Synthetic hair bundles at any salon, hair extensions stores, or even get them in the local retail markets.

synthetic hair

But the disadvantages seem to outweigh the cons

Versatility limitation

It is impossible to change the bundles’ texture such as from curly to straight and vice versa with hot tools. At the same time, there is almost no chance that you could recolor the synthetic hair. That means you must be loyal with the shape of the hair as the first time you saw it.

Easy to get tangled

The new look of synthetic hair does not last long but will get worse over time. After just a few washes, it can be messy and matted soon. It is so annoying and difficult to detangle or trim off the ruined ones especially you are attaching the extensions on your head and mixing them with your real hair.

synthetic wigs get tangle a lot

Short lifespan

Synthetic hair extensions are much less durable because of its origin. So, these materials have short longevity which is a few months at last. On the contrary, human hair extensions are much longer-lasting (about 1 to 2 years) with proper care.

Unnatural look

One of the most obvious letdown features of synthetic hair bundles is that they are very fake looking, especially from a short distance. You could notice the unnatural shine and color of the hair. They are actually used as movie and stage props. You should not expect something that is so fake or artificial to give you a real look. Hence, the synthetic hair bundles fail baldy in this regard as well.

curly bundles

Low-quality materials can danger your hair and scalp

Using these products is basically the bet full of dangers as you are not sure what is exactly inside them or if the quality is high or low. If you’re unlucky, the negative effects of the bad-grade materials shall be possibly beyond your control.

For instance, scientifically, acrylic is linkable to cancer. Also, polyester may be irritating to your skin. Sensitive users who are susceptible to the slight changes, etc. could properly go through those impacts when their scalp and skin constantly contact with this type of hair extensions.

Furthermore, poor-quality synthetic hair can irritate your scalp which is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Therefore, if you have a sensitive scalp, you should never use any kind of synthetic hair but opt for better human hair extensions instead.

With some synthetic hair bundles on your head, the scalp skin can be hard to breathe. The dirt accumulated together with sweat makes a moist and hot environment which encourages the growth of fungus and bacteria.

Now you could understand thoroughly the pros and cons of synthetic hair bundles. We hope to help you choose the best hair among various types of hair extensions.

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