Many people wonder how they can apply hair tips into their real hair while they look quite solid and have no hair wefts to link. Obviously, you can’t sew them in as normal. They have their own methods to use and give the best result. Let’s check them out together with us right in this post!

Keratin Hair

1. How to wear keratin hair extension?

Using specialized micro beads

This is the most popular way for keratin bonded hair extensions because it is quite simple and easy to do. We will use specialized beads with a soft silicon layer inside to combine hair tips with your real small hair bunches perfectly.

Using specialized micro beads

Step 1: Brush your hair

Before you make hairstyles or any effects on hair, the first thing you should do is always brushing hair. Not only that makes your hair become smoother but also remove unexpected hair tangles and breakage. The next steps will become much easier when you have smooth hair right at the beginning.

Brush Hair

Step 2: Make a horizontal hair line

Similar to the way you do with other types of hair extensions, you need to make horizontal straight hairlines so that they will be bases for applying hair tips. If your hair is not too thin, you can make the first hair line which is nearly your head’s middle part. On the other hand, let’s start from your nape part when you want to apply more hair extensions in.

You should notice that straight horizontal hairlines will be very useful because they help you to wear hair extensions on real hair more regularly and beautifully.

Step 3: Apply hair tips

You will apply hair tips with hair strands right below the horizontal hairline. Let’s take one by one small bunch of your real hair, use the crochet needle to put your hair small bunch through the silicon microbead. After that, you put a tip in that bead and the use the pliers to clamp the bead and fix the hair tip with your real hair.

You continue implementing these acts with other small hair bunches and other hairlines to make more volume and beauty for your hair look.

Apply Hair Tips 

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Using high heat to melt the keratin layer

All tips including I tips, V tips, U tips and Flat tips have the keratin boned part. They can be melted after you use high heat. You must have known something for the next step, right?

Step 1 and step 2 are similar to those when you apply tip hair extensions with microbeads. The difference is at step 3. Instead of using beads, you will use high heat to melt the keratin boned layer.

Using High Heat To Melt The Keratin Layer

After that, you wrap it around a small hair bunch under the hairline. Other tips are also similarly made. Lastly, you will have a completely new hair look which is extremely voluminous and charming.

2. How to remove keratin hair extensions?

The way to remove hair tips is completely not as difficult as the thing you image. As for the microbead method, you only need to use the pliers to open the clamped bead, take the tip hair and the bead off and then it is completed.

As for keratin melted method, after a time using, the keratin layer will be gradually dried, you can take them off easily. Beside, you can use the specialized Fusion Hair Glue Remover to dry keratin glue immediately and then you take the tip hair off.

Because removing tip hair extensions can cause unexpected hair damage and breakage if we don’t do it carefully and skillfully. Thus, you had better ask for another help to make it smoother and more comfortable.

How To Remove Keratin Hair Extensions

For high quality keratin hair extensions which are both beautiful and high quality with the most reasonable price, you can contact Luxshinehair company. This is a famous brands in Vietnam with wonderful hair products. About Microbeads or Keratin Glue Remover, you can buy them at hair accessories’ stores near you. They are very easy to find and choose.

Types Of Keratin Hair Extensions

Putting in and taking off keratin hair can takes you quite a lot of time because they have the larger quantity than other type. However, the final result will never make you disappointed.

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