Despite not being a popular type of hair extensions such as bulk hair or weave hair, flat tip hair extensions are still loved and chosen by millions women all over the world. With the neat design and impressive function, these flat tips are really useful to make your hair become more voluminous and attractive. Let’s see more great things of flat tip hair right in this post. You may feel surprised about them!

1. Basic description of Flat tip hair extensions

Flat tip hair is one of basic types of keratin hair extensions. It has the similar function like I- tip hair, U- tip hair or V- tip hair but has the different shape. As their name, hair tips are flat with the reasonable width. They are specially designed so as to wrap real hair strands in the most convenient way. The quantity of flat tips in each bundle is numerous so that it can give the good effect to your hair image.

Flat Tip Hair Extensions

2. How to apply Flat tip hair extensions?

Similarly to the way you install I tips, U tips or V tips into your real hair. The method to apply flat tip hair is also using the fusion tool. You can read below details to understand better about flat tips’ application.


In order to install hair tips quickly and properly, you have to prepare necessary materials. They are Flat tip hair extensions, a fusion tool, a tail comb, sectioning clips, specialized pliers, a protecting plate and rubber fingers(if any).

Having the good hair source is very important. You had better buy real human flat tip hair extensions to have the best experiences in the longest time. For that demand, you can visit Luxshinehair. This is the very prestigious brand in Vietnam of importing- exporting high quality hair extensions, including flat hair tips.


How to apply?

Step 1: Make a horizontal hair line: This step helps you to install hair tips more regularly and properly. Commonly below each hair line, you can put in about 20 tips of hair extensions.

Step 2: Use the tail of the comb to take a small piece of your real hair. Then, you put the protecting plate on over the hair and crimp it with above hair part by a clip. Other parts of your hair will be protected better.

Step 3: To apply hair tips in, you use the fusion tool to melt the glued layer and roll into a round shape with your fingers. You should wear rubber fingers to avoid being boiled by heat or stuck by the sticky glue.

Step 4: You remove the protecting plate out and continue implementing similar steps with other hair tips to have the hair appearance you want which is thicker, more voluminous and more attractive.

Apply Flat Tips

How to remove?

To remove flat tips, you need to be very careful because hair is very easy to be broken.

  • Firstly, you use the fusion tool to melt the bonded glue and take the tip out softly.
  • Obviously, the keratin glue can’t be removed completely so that you need to apply more hair glue remover on hair, let it dry and use the pliers to crack the left over residue.
  • After removing all hair glue on your hair, you can use the comb to brush hair smoothly.

 Remove Glue In Extensions

The process to removing flat tip hair extensions is relatively long so that you need tobe patient and careful. The final result will actually not make you disappointed.

3. Do Flat tip hair extensions damage real hair?

After reading about how to apply and remove flat tip hair extensions, you must have thought that wearing these hair tips is so sophisticated and easy to make hair breakage and damage, right? In fact, these problems can completely happen if we are not careful. However, that doesn’t mean flat tips make your hair become worse. If you take care of hair frequently and properly, not only do you have a wonderful hair appearance but you also make hair look nicer without unexpected damage.

More importantly, you have to choose good quality flat tip hair products to have the best effect. Bad hair products can make trouble for your real hair, your scalp and even your health. Thus, you need to take notice much on this.

Having Flat Tip Hair Extensions

We make sure that you have had your best choice when buying flat tip hair extensions, haven’t you? Let’s try applying these flat tips properly, you will actually feel satisfied about them!

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