We all desire a perfectly beautiful natural hair, yet we were born different. Some find their hair not thick enough. Some are not pleased with their course hair or want their hair straight and shiny. We are here to tell you that: You cannot decide how you looked from birth, but you can definitely beautify your appearance for the “best you”. Hair extensions might sound simple but indeed, it owns stronger power than you thought. I bet you will be interested in hair bundles for extensions from now on as they are so common not only because of easy use but also its high applicability.

1. What is a hair bundle?

1.1. A short definition

Straight hair bundles
Straight hair bundles

Hair bundle (or also known as weft hair or weave hair) is a single wefted hair extension piece in general. Standardly, each bundle weighs 100 grams, equivalent to 3.5 oz. A bundle is commonly 10″ – 32″ long and its length is unlimited according to users’ variable demand.

All strands in a bundle are perfectly fixed by a weft which shall be used to sew in or stick into your original hair.

1.2. Materials and Origin

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair, as its name suggests, is a non – human hair product. It consists of man-made fibers. Similar to natural human hair, synthetic hair is also formed from polymers, giving it a similar look to natural hair from a far distance.

However, human hair is made from keratin, whereas synthetic hair is commonly made from man-made polymers as well as plastics. Generally, synthetic hair is made from some of the ingredients: Polyethylene-terephthalate, PVC, Vinyl, Single-filament polyester, Silk, Acrylonitrile, Acrylic, and Silicone. Synthetic hair is widely utilized as filmmaking props due to its low price.

Are Synthetic Hair Bundles Worth A Try?

Human hair

There are 3 main types of human hair materials for hair extensions.

Non – Remy hair

Typically, every single hair consists of three layers which are medulla, cortex and cuticle from inside to outside. Cuticle, the outmost layer, helps to keep the strand healthy and decide if your hair looks shiny or not. Therefore, if the cuticles are removed for any reason, you could no longer bleach or dye your hair.

03 bundles

Non – Remy bundles of hair are derived from human hair collected from hair salons or random suppliers. Hence, the strands are not in the same direction, making them striped off and tangle. Then they will be removed all the cuticles and make the hair shiny again by covering them with silicone. However, once you wash out the silicone, the hair will soon become messy.

Remy hair

Remy hair bundles

Remy hair bundles’ materials are collected from some human heads without mixing any synthetic hair. They are not yet processed or styled before and full cuticles must be in the same direction. As a consequence, we could easily bleach, style, and dye the hair to make variable fashions.

Virgin hair

Lastly, the best hair material you should know is virgin hair which is taken from just one or two human heads. With full of cuticles in the same direction, the hair which is not yet bleached or styled is perfect for you to have a new change.

Most popular hair products originate mainly from Europe, Brazil and some Asian countries such as China and Vietnam

2. Pros and cons of hair bundles?

2.1. Pros

  • Unlike some other types of hair extensions like using tip hair, hair bundles do not require heat or glue for application, then decreasing damages to your natural hair. Besides, if you braid your hair to use bundles with another hairpiece like a frontal or closure, the entire effects from your dye and styling will be borne by the hair attached.
  • No matter how voluminous you want your hair will become, it is your choice to add as many hair bundles as you wish. However, assure that your original hair could bear the weight of your hair extensions.
  • There would be no visible gaps as the bundles will be alternately arranged with your natural hair or with a lace of hair. It will look super natural and gorgeous without being noticed.
  • As long as you make well-fixed braids and good sew-in, you should never worry about physical activities such as swimming, playing sports or stretching out on your bed.
  • Hair bundles generally offer a lower price than a full wig while it is more flexible to style with them.
  • It is possible to use silicone or oil-based hair care products for hair extensions using bundles.
  • Sew in extensions using hair bundles could last upward of 4 – 5 months depending on many factors like your natural hair characteristics for example.
Curly hair bundles
Curly hair bundles

2.2. Cons

  • Compared to wearing a full wig, it takes you a long time to make braids and sew in using bundles, especially when you wish to use a closure or a frontal in addition.
  • If your hair is too fine, the tight braids could cause pain in your scalp or even traction alopecia. Therefore, it is not recommended for anyone with fine hair. Too many bundles and heavy laces of hair may weigh down, resulting in your headache.
  • Hair extensions look beautiful from outside, yet washing and maintenance is a tough task. If you own a whole combination of hair extensions with some bundles and a closure, it requires a lot of proper washing and maintenance. If you do not take good care of it, a bacterial infection may appear and develop.
  • To hide all the cornrows made, it shall limit the hairstyles you love, which seems to be less convenient than using a complete wig.
  • You may need a hair professional to help you install your extensions in the back if you are not familiar with those types.

3. Some suggested hairstyles using hair bundles classified by hair texture

3.1. Straight hair

Natural straight: The hair looks like a gentle river because it is unprocessed and looks extremely attractive.

Yaki straight: This texture helps your hair look thicker yet still smooth. If you feel bored of completely straight hair, you should have some small but nice difference on your yaki straight hair.

yaki straight bundles

Kinky straight: This texture is able to make your hair thicker than yaki hair and look strong at the same time. It was born for active girls who want your hair fluffy.

kinky straight bundles

3.2. Curly hair

Loose curly

This style is so popular as it looks really active as well as charming. Loose curly hair helps hide the shortcomings of your face such as the round face, big chin, and chubby cheeks. To look as young and energetic as you should be, do not forget to put on some proper makeup and dress well.

 loose curly bundles

Kinky curly

This is one of the most distinctive styles ever for girls who are fed up with boring and simple hair shapes. Kinky curly hair looks so voluminous and lively, which will differentiate you from other girls in the street. Why don’t you refresh your daily life with this eye-catching style?

kinky curly bundles

3.3. Wavy hair

Body wave

Body wave hair is favored by many users because of the big and elegant waves. It looks perfect for women who love matureness and charm. It is ideal to use bundles for your hair extensions and combine them with a frontal or closure if you like. Cold colors and long length shall go well with this texture, as a suggestion for your plan.

body wave bundles

Deep wave

For those who want more than a gentle style, having deep wave hair extensions is an ideal option. A lot of global women including African American women show their much love for it. The hair waves look smaller than loose waves but make your hair thicker than you thought. With that, you could freely style your hair in various ways such as braid, half up – half down, and high ponytail.

deep wave bundles4. Should you use more than just hair bundles for your hair extensions?

4.1. Using just hair bundles for a fuller look

Depending on your own interest and your original hair characteristics, you may want to use bundles only or need a combination with other types of hairpieces.

Simply, you can sew in hair bundles under layers of natural hair alternately for a harmonious combination

4.2. Combination of bundles and a closure

A closure is a piece of hair that is commonly attached to a lace base or a silk base. Standard size for a lace closure is most commonly 4×4’’ and less commonly 5×5’’. The hairpiece is sewn in a braid base and fixed around the perimeter to improve the thickness. The way you want to part your hair suggests you choose one of three different types for a closure: free part closure, middle part closure, and three-part closure.

closure with bundles

Hair closures are usually placed in the middle of the head on the side for a side part look. Therefore, you need some bundles to cover the rest area on the head. As a beginner, you may know that a combination of 3 bundles and a closure is quite popular for girls in general. However, depending on your desired hairstyle, length, your head size and your natural hair’s volume, you should decide your own number of hair bundles you will need to combine with a closure. Some useful suggestions could be found here.

4.3. Bundles and a frontal

Like a closure, a hair frontal is a piece of hair on a lace or silk, yet is frontal is about 3 times larger than a standard closure. Standardly, a frontal size is 13×4”. It should be considered as a half wig going from ear to ear and is combined with 2 to 3 hair bundles.

02 bundles

As you could recognize the size difference between a frontal and a closure, a 13 x4” frontal generally requires fewer bundles than a closure does. Also, a frontal allows you to part your hair everywhere and gives more flexibility in styling. Therefore, it offers a higher cost than that of a closure. However, closures are still recommended for girls for those who wish to maintain an exact style.

4.4. Bundles and a 360 lace frontal

What is a 360 lace frontal?

360 frontal with bundles

360 lace frontal is a complete headband – shaped lace of hair with some straps in the back. The number 360 refers to 360 degrees that indicates a hairline going around your head completely. For easier description, it should look like a wig without the middle, therefore you will need some bundles sewed in.

Why are 360 lace frontals many users’ favorite?

Due to the complete circle shape, it is as simple and fast to set it on your head as the way you apply a full wig. A 360 lace frontal covers most of your head area, then requires fewer hair bundles, just about 2 to 3. You will have to know the number of hair weave bundles you need to combine with a 360 lace frontal for a full extension.

The lace applies an extraordinary versatility thanks to its round shape. You could be confident to freely part your hair and make many hairstyles especially a high ponytail. A 360 lace frontal is also much cheaper than a full wig.

5. Where can you buy hair bundles?

5.1. Some cheap hair bundles

As mentioned at part 1.2, synthetic hair and non – Remy hair usually offer lower costs.

Low price is one of the biggest pros that make users would like to buy synthetic bundles for their hair extensions. Besides, the synthetic hair shape styled could be able to maintain well during its life expectancy due to the industrial ingredients’ characteristics.

However, it is hard for you to change the hairstyle as synthetic fiber is too resistant to be changed. Also, synthetic hair is not as durable as human natural hair. Hence, with close care, your synthetics bundles could be used for about 4 – 6 months, depending on the brand. Synthetic hair looks not as natural and beautiful as human natural hair, especially when looking close to or touching it.

The non – Remy hair, as introduced already, is easy to be ragged and tangle and is likely styled already before being collected as materials for hair extension. As a result, non – Remy bundles are affordable but just could be used for a few months.

5.2. Affordable and better – quality hair bundles

Cheap hair bundles have a short life expectancy and look not highly natural or fashionable. Therefore, it is worth considering some products with better quality and reasonable prices.

We highly recommend hair products by Luxshinehair which uses 100% Vietnamese human hair. As you may have a chance to know, Vietnamese natural human hair is recognized as high – quality material which is durable, strong, shiny and easy to style.

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Luxshinehair hair bundles are all originated from Remy and virgin hair materials, with their advantages described above, will never disappoint you.

With your simple care, Luxshinehair’s hair bundles as well as other hair products will last for 1 – 2 years or even more without breakage and tangle.

We hope to provide you useful and interesting things about hair bundles for extensions. If you have any inquiries about whatever hair problem, there is no need to hesitate any second to leave your comment here. We are all excited to see the new “beautiful you” in the nearest future.


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