How many time do you feel uncomfortable with your current length or hair thickness? Girls always want to look fabulous and weave hair extensions give them opportunity to change the length, hair texture and hairstyle. Therefore today weave hair extensions are more familiar with girls and this beauty method becomes one of the symbol of fashion. Understanding girl’s expectation about one reliable brand, Luxshinehair is proud that we are one of the lead hair extension brands in Vietnam and 8 inch weave wavy human hair extensions definitely meet the demand of customers.

8 Inches Wavy Hair Weave

1. 8 inch wavy hair extensions description

This length is suitable for girls who love short hair. 8 inches weave human hair extensions of Luxshinehair have originated from authentic human hair. These hair extensions are totally safe for your skin and they are known for its versatility in changing hairstyle. Using weave hair extensions allow you to be creative with your appearance. What is better than quick and gorgeous hairstyle with your 8 inches wavy hair extensions?

8 Inches Wavy Hair Extensions Description

2. What is special about the quality of 8 inch natural hair weave?

It can be said that nothing is more convenient than weave hair extensions. You are able to change hairstyle or hair color anytime. However the quality of wavy hair weave can decide how gorgeous you look. Understanding customer anxiety, Luxshinehair only offers high quality extensions. Our wavy hair extensions are 100% Vietnamese women’s hair without mixed synthetic hair or chemicals. Their hairs are soft and sleek, so you are no longer worried about the quality of hair extensions. There will be no harm to your hair cuticle if you decide to use 8 inches weave hair extensions of Luxshinehair.

Quality Of 8 Inches Natural Hair Weave

3. Changing hair texture with 8 inch wavy hair weave

When it comes to your hairstyle, it is important to understanding about hair texture. You can transform your look in seconds by wearing weave hair extensions and different texture allow you to achieve stunning look. Let’s explore your best hairstyle with 7 basic types of wavy hair textures which are Body wavy, Bouncy wavy, Deep wavy, Water body wavy, Fumi wavy, Natural wavy and Loose wavy. You will look amazing with 8 inches weave wavy natural hair extensions of Luxshinehair.

Hair Texture With 8 Inches Wavy Hair Weave

10 Inch Weave Wavy Human Hair Extensions

4. Hair standard of weave wavy natural hair extensions

It is good to know about your hair standard before deciding your favorite weave hair extensions. Hair standard describes the thickness of hair and it can help you find out the right wavy hair weave for you. Depending on your textured hair and preference, you can choose one of three options below.

Single drawn:

These hair extensions are sold at reasonable price and they are quite popular in the market.

Double drawn:

These extensions contain more hair having the same length than single drawn extensions. The thickness of double drawn extensions won’t disappoint you.

Super double drawn:

Super double drawn extensions are the highest quality among these extensions. You won’t have to worry about your glamorous look.

Hair Standard Of Weave Wavy Natural Hair Extensions

5. Why are girls interested in 8 inch wavy hair extensions?

As you know 8 inches wavy hair weave of Luxshinehair are 100% virgin human hair, so they can be styled and treated as your natural hair. Nothing is more convenient than wavy hair extensions. Here are 3 specific reasons why girls are addicted to wear 8 inches wavy human hair extensions.

Unlimited hairstyle:

It can’t be denied that hairstyle plays an important role in girl beauty. Therefore they always want to change their hairstyle and look elegant every single day. Wearing wavy hair extensions allow girls to adding both length and volume and change style in a short time. This is one of the key benefits of wavy hair weave.

Changing hair color:

You are falling in love with one hair color, but you aren’t confident enough to color it. Wavy human hair extensions have many different colors, so instead of taking the time to dye hair, you can find out your best hair color by using them.

Safe to use:

8 inches wavy hair extensions of Luxshinehair are 100% human hair without any mix of synthetic hair, so girls never worry about their healthy hair. Using wavy virgin hair is definitely safe.

Why Are Girls Interested In 8 Inches Wavy Hair Extensions

6. How to take care of 8 inches- virgin weave hair extensions

Do you know that the care for 8 inches wary hair weave play a vital part in lifespan of them? To maintain the smoothness and sleek of wavy hair extension, you should remember some tips below.

  • You don’t have to wash your hair extensions frequently as your hair. When washing extensions, please remember to be gentle and use wide tooth comb. Your wavy extensions still look great if you know how to take care of them properly.
  • After washing wavy hair extensions, you should let them air dry because heat from hair dryer can damage the sleekness of them.
  • If your wavy hair extensions are not in use, you should wash and store them in a box. Your 8 inches wavy human hair extensions still look beautiful next time.

How To Take Care Of 8 Inches Virgin Weave Hair Extensions

7. Be creative with your hairstyle

Every girl is beautiful and they can be more attractive and charming if they know how to be creative with their hair. When thinking of gorgeous hairstyle, there are 3 hairstyle that may cross your mind.

Short Bob with Long Edgy Layer:

To have beautiful wavy line in your hair, wavy hair weave is your great choice. If you want to put a little bit of your personality into your style, this hair style can help you.

Wavy Bob with Side Bangs:

This hairstyle is perfect for the chic woman. The side bangs can blend perfectly with your hair. By using wavy hair extensions, you are absolutely attractive.

Short wavy bob:

The truth is that bob hairstyle is really suitable for short hair. This style is perfect for hot summer days or parties.

Be Creative With Your Hairstyle

8. Other hair extensions

Luxshinehair always hopes that customers would satisfy with our hair extensions. Therefore we provide different types of hair extensions for customers to help them achieve their desirable look. Here are 3 other types of hair extensions from Luxshinehair.

Lace frontal:

These extensions cover your head from ear to ear. You will have a new look instantly by using these hair extensions.

I-tip hair:

These extensions stick to your hair by keratin. We only use keratin made in Italy to make sure it is safe for your health.

Tape-in hair:

This method is absolutely easy to use. These extensions use special tape to stick to your hair.



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