It is true that hair weave and extensions are a wonderful way for women who want to lengthen their hair or add volume to their natural hair instantly. Extensions have ability to integrate with the natural hair and sastify your gorgeous apperance. So, you have a short hair and you need a suitable length of hair extensions, 8 inch weave straight hair of Luxshinehair can meet your expectation.

Falling In Love With 8 Inches Vietnamese Hair Extensions
Falling In Love With 8 Inches Vietnamese Hair Extensions


1. Weave straight hair introduction

Do you want to have an unique and charming look by chaning your hairstyle?

We focus on the result which makes your hair look amazing. The weave hairstyle looks natural and beautiful. Instead of adding inches and volume to your hair, weave hair extensions have become a way to enhance your look and change your hairstyle promptly. Therefore, you are surely able to expect silky, soft and authentic hair of Luxshinehair.

2. Quality of 8 inch hair extensions

Luxshinehair proudly guarantees the source of our materials. Our hair extensions are 100% virgin hair without mixing any animal hair or cotton. It means that you can treat extensions like your own natural hair. They are comfortable and easy to apply in the hair and absolutely enhance your natural look. We only provide the high quality extensions on the market, so our extensions are safe for your authentic hair. Besides our extension can be reapplied, so you can save a lot of money on the long run.

Quality Of 8 Inches Hair Extensions
Quality Of 8 Inches Hair Extensions


3. Some kinds of hair extensions

  • Bulk hair: Bulk hair is hair extensions which is tied at the top into bundles. It can be used to make other extensions such as weft hair, clip-in hair, etc.
  • Flat-tip: Flat-tip can perfectly integrate with the shape of natural hair. These extensions are great choice for customers.
  • I-tip: These extensions are special because they has a wide range of beads to keep both your own hair and the tip of extensions.
  • U-tip: U-tip is known as a popular extensions which has Unlike other hair extensions, U-tip is stuck by keratin and it is suitable for flexible hair styling such as high ponytails

4. 3 textures of weave straight extensions

If you are still confused about weave hair extensions, then our hair texture guide may help you choose your perfect hairstyle.

  • Natural straight: This texture is suitable for long straight hair. You will have silky straight hair by wearning natural straight extensions
  • Kinky straight: You don’t know how to deal with your thin straight hair, then Kinky straight is your great choice. It helps your hair look thicker and more bobbing.
  • Yaki straight: If you are looking for a hair texture which can help you hide flaws in your thin hair, then yaki straight can help you. Yaki straight extensions helps your hair look bulky and thicker.
3 Textures Of Weave Straight Extensions
3 Textures Of Weave Straight Extensions


5. Weave straight hair standard

Both Luxshine hair extensions are made from real human hair and there are three standards of weave hair which are single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn.

  • Single drawn: It is thick at the top and thin at the end. Single drawn hair extensions are quite popular because it has reasonable price.
  • Double drawn: This hair extension is cut by hand and sewn in a weft, so double drawn hair comparatively remains the same length.
  • Super double drawn: This is the highest quality hair extensions. Extensions mostly have the same length and this extension can satisfy even fastidious customers

6. Benefits of wearing weave hair

+ Have different look: You want to change your hairstyle but you don’t want to damage your hair because of using harsh chemicals. Weave hair can do it. You can enjoy your new look instantly without any damage to your real hair

+ Add length and volume: You have thin hair and want to add more length or volume to your hair then you should try these extensions. You can choose colors and textures of hair weaves that are suitable for your hairstyle

+ Have quick result: I’m sure with you that in order to have a different hairstyle, nothing is quicker and faster than hair extensions. There are various kinds of weave straight hair which can suit your style and enhance your appearance.

Benefits Of Wearing Weave Hair
Benefits Of Wearing Weave Hair

7. How to take care of hair extensions

As you know, our hair extensions are natural human hair, so you should take care of these extensions as your own hair. To wash extensions, you can use gentel shampoo and don’t forget to wash it regularly to keep extensions smooth and long lasting. One more tips is that natural hair extensions just like your own hair, so they can be damaged with excessive heat. Please remember not to leave your hair extensions under sunshine too long. Your hair extensions will look great if you know how to take care of them.

8. Luxshinehair – a perfect choice for customers

With many experience in this field, Luxshinehair understands customer’s need. We are proud that our hair extensions has high quality and they are available in a wide range of colors and textures. There are various kind of 8 inches straight hair extensions as well as colored options that are available to you. Because the extensions are authentic human hair, they can be colored or cut as your own hair. You can see your great choice when you apply these extensions.

Luxshinehair – A Perfect Choice For Customers
Luxshinehair – A Perfect Choice For Customers

Besides, Luxshinehair always has excellent customer services, so you can put your trust in us. Customers can receive our hair extensions quickly. Luxshinehair always pays attention to customers experience and listens to your feedback.

8 inch weave straight hair extensions will be one of the most perfect choice for your weekend or your special events. Luxshinehair promises that we always provide the high quality extensions which are made of 100% natural human hair. We care about your hairstyle as well as the health of your hair. Therefore don’t hesitate to contact Beequenhair and get your favourite 8 weave hair extensions.

Best wholesale vendor supplier of hair extensions

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