There is an idea that a gorgeous hairstyle can decide how amazing girls look. Therefore, today numerous girls look for a quality weave hair extensions which help them achieve their desirable look. Girl are able to change their hairstyle frequently and they are confident with their look by wearing weave wavy hair extensions. Luxshinehair is a reliable hair extensions company in Vietnam and there is a good chance for girls to change their haircut with 6 inch weave wavy human hair extensions.

6 Inch Weave Wavy Hair Extensions

1. What you need to know about 6 inch weave hair extensions?

If straight hairstyle is simple for you, wavy hair extensions of Luxshinehair won’t disappoint you. Human hair extensions mean that all extensions are authentic human hair and these extensions are known as soft and sleek weave hair extensions. 6 inches weave wavy hair extensions are suitable for short hair. The wavy line of hair makes you look elegant and no one can take their eyes off you.

2. What is special about quality of 6 inch wavy hair extensions?

Luxshinehair is one of the top hair extensions company in Vietnam, so we can promise that all wavy hair extensions are made from human hair. Customers are no longer worried about the great quality as well as the smoothness of 6 inches human hair weave. These hair are collected from Vietnamese women’s hair which are quite popular on the market due to its thickness and smoothness. Besides you won’t have to feel anxious about your healthy hair because Luxshinehair only use Vietnamese women’s hair to create hair extensions which are totally safe for your natural hair as well as your skin.

6 Inches Human Hair Weave

3. Changing hairstyle with wavy hair extensions

In an effort to make girls look fabulous at any occasion in life, Luxshinehair always tries our best to bring various hair textures to customers. Here are 7 kinds of wavy hair textures:

  • Body wavy
  • Bouncy wavy
  • Deep wavy
  • Water body wavy
  • Fumi wavy
  • Natural wavy
  • Loose wavy.

Wavy hair extensions settle into an S shape and your hair will look gorgeous with smooth line of wavy extensions.

Wavy Hair Extensions

4. What is hair standard of 6 inch wavy human weave?

Every girl wants to own glamorous hairstyle, so they have to learn about hair standard to achieve that look. Hair standards mention to your hair growth density. It can be said that the thickness of your natural hair can decide the suitable weave wavy hair extensions for you. Here are 3 hair standards for you.

  • Single drawn:

    If the hair thickness of every single hair isn’t important to you, single drawn extensions will be your great choice. These extensions may be thin at the end and give you natural look.

  • Double drawn:

    Even though double drawn extensions are more expensive than single drawn extensions, you definitely get voluminous look.

  • Super double drawn:

You are no longer worried about hair thickness because every single hair has the same   length.

Standard Of 6 Inches Wavy Human Weave

5. Gorgeous hairstyle with 6 inch wavy hair weave

How long are 6 inches of hair? According to your hairstyle and texture, 6 inches may reach your face. The truth is that short hair is easy to maintain and 6 inches wavy hair weave will become your friends to create gorgeous hairstyle.

  • Short Layered Hairstyle:

Layers are the key for your charming look. It is suitable for most types of face.

  • Wavy Sassy Bob:

This style shows off modern cuts and you will get exactly a dream appearance.

  • Soft Wavy Bob:

The texture of your waves looks amazing and no one can take their eyes off you

Gorgeous Hairstyle With 6 Inches Wavy Hair Weave

6. Advantages of using 6 inch weave wavy human hair extensions

  • Change hair color instantly:

    It can’t be denied that hair color play an important role in girl beauty. Girls always want to try different hair colors which can cause harmful for their natural hair. From now on, wavy hair weave will help girl to deal with that problem. By using 6 inches weave wavy human hair extensions of Luxshinehair, girls can be confident with their beautiful hair color.

  • Change various hairstyle quickly:

    Sometimes girls want to change their hairstyle at special event. Thank to wavy hair extensions, they don’t have to spend a lot of time as well as money at hair salon. Moreover 6 inches wavy hair extensions are also able to fix your bad haircut. You will always look gorgeous by using wavy hair weave.

  • Protect your natural hair:

    In fact, high quality extensions like 6 inch wavy hair extensions have ability to protect your natural hair from harsh environment elements. Weave wavy human hair extensions allow your hair to grow healthy.

A Hair Extension Of Luxshinehair

7. How to maintain your wavy human hair extensions

  • Sleep:

The truth is that the fiction between your hair and your pillow can damage the smoothness of your extensions. Therefore you should use satin pillow or headscarf to sleep and your wavy extensions can last for longer.

  • Daily care:

One of the important tip is that you should use gentle shampoo that is suitable for both your hair extensions and natural hair. When you wash hair extensions, you should use warm water. Besides don’t brush hard because these extensions can fall off.

  • Air-dry:

To maintain the smoothness of your wavy hair extensions, you should let them dry naturally instead of using high-temperature hair dryer. Your weave hair extensions will last longer and look more beautiful if you know how to take care of them.

How To Maintain Your Wavy Human Hair Extensions

8 Inch Weave Wavy Human Hair Extensions

8. Diversity hair extensions from Luxshinehair

If you are still wondering about your favorite hair extensions, Beequeehair offers other options for you such as Bulk hair, Flat-tip hair and Ponytail. We hope that you will achieve your desirable look by using our hair extensions. Here are brief information about these extensions of Luxshinehair.

  • Bulk hair:

    These extensions are raw hair, so you can use them to style your hairstyle or make other types of hair extensions such as clip-in hair extensions.

  • Flat-tip hair:

    To apply these hair extensions to your hair, you have to melt keratin by specialized tool. However these extensions will stick firmly into your natural hair.

  • Ponytail:

    These extensions have a ribbon which allow you to create different hairstyle. You absolutely get voluminous look by wearing ponytail extensions.


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