Are you a big fan of hair extensions or you like your own hair but want to enhance your look for a party or special event? If you are still wondering what type of weave straight human hair extensions is suitable for you, take a look at our products. Luxshinehair always supplies the best quality of 6 inch weave straight hair extensions which are made of natural human hair to customers.

6 Inches Weave Straight Human Hair Extensions
6 Inches Weave Straight Human Hair Extensions

1. Product Description

Luxshinehair 6 inches weave hair extensions are made of 100% natural human hair, so the extensions look like your own hair and help to praise your natural hair. Besides Luxshinehair use high quality virgin hair extensions to ensure that your hair remains healthy . We don’t use wool or cotton which can damage your own hair. You should choose extensions which are not too longer than your own hair. If your hair is comparetively short, 6 inches weave hair extensions will be your great choice. Nobody can find out you are wearing weave hair extentions and you definitely look glamorous thank to beautiful hair. By using our weave hair extensions, you will have natural look and get the hairstyle you desire.

Luxshinehair 6 Inches Weave Hair Extensions 1
Luxshinehair 6 Inches Weave Hair Extensions 1

2. Product Advantages

  • For anyone who is addicted to dyeing hair and changing hairstyle but they can’t change hair color frequently, extensions are an optimal solution for them. Luxshinehair sells Vietnam virgin hair and Vietnam remy hair which are natunal human hair and they exude a natural hair texture and look. By wearing our items, people may wonder wherether it is your natural hair.
  • Actually weave hair extensions have more power than adding length. Women who are looking for the versatility for their hair, weave hair extensions are an useful tool to help women try different look.
  • Hair is really improtant for each woman because it helps enhance woman’s beauty and add a unique look. With 6 inch hair extensions, you can add inches and volume to your hairstyle and you are able to achieve celebrity hairstyles every day
Luxshinehair 6 Inches Weave Hair Extensions 2
Luxshinehair 6 Inches Weave Hair Extensions 2


3. Type of weave straight hair extensions

There are various styles of wave hair extensions for women to choose. Everything you need is about undertanding about each type of wave hair extensions and choosing extensions that fits your hairstyle. There are 4 type of weave hair extensions.

  • Clip-in extensions: Clip-in extensions are temporary pre-clipped pieces of hair and they are absolutely easy to use. They can be perfectly matched with your own hair and add highlight to your hairstyle. Clip-in weave hair extensions can apply in or out of your hair in a short time without breaking or damaging your own hair
  • Tape-in extensions: Tape-in hair extensions is thin tape weffts and you can apply each weft of hair onto your own hair. Tape-in extensions are easy to use and you don’t have to take a lot of time to wearing it. If you have a thin hair or you want to highlight your hair, the extensions will be your best choice.
  • Closure extensions: Lace Closures are popular with women who have time and they care about their hair. Closures are great and have natural look. A good wave closure can make any woman look glamorous and change your hair shape. Human hair closures are incredible but you have to spend time on taking care of wave hair closures as well as using them.
  • Wigs: A wig is a head covering made from human hair. Instead of dyeing your hair, you can choose a wig and it can changes your look definitely. It is quick and easy to put on compared to the others. By using wig, you can change your hairstyle quickly and wig is  saver for your bad hair day life.

4. Texture of 6 inch weave straight hair extensions

  • Natural Straight: If you are looking for East Asian beauty or you just want to have a straight hair, natural straight of weave hair extensions will be suitable for you.
  • Kinky Straight: Kinky straight hair extensions are becoming propular. It is made with high accuracy and helps your hair look thicker.
  • Yaki Straight: If you are looking for an attractive look with light, yaki straight of weave hair extensions is your best choice. It is made by sewing hair strand with reignforced stitch.

5. Quality of 6 inch weave straight hair extensions

  • Luxshinehair guarantees that our hair extensions are completely from human Hair. Nothing is better than natural human hair. Unlike synthetic hair, virgin hair offer the most natural look and feel.
  • When you buy hair extensions from Luxshinehair, you can be confident that you are getting the best quality of hair extensions and they can serve you for a long time as long as you treat them carefully. As you know our hair extensions are natural, so you need to take care of them like your own hair. It means that you should wash your hair extensions carefully and regularly.

Luxshinehair 6 Inches Weave Hair Extensions 3


6. Standard of weaves hair extensions

Each of our hair will have different growth rates, so you should learn about the difference between types of hair drawn. There are 3 types of drawn which are single drawn, double drawn, super dowble drawn.

  • Single Drawn: If you are looking for a natural length and the masses of volume is not important, single draw will be your great choice. Single drawn hair contains multiple lengths of human hair mixed into the hair extension. It can be thick at the top and thin on the end.
  • Double Drawn: Double drawn hair contains more hair having the same length than single drawn hair. The hair is quite thick and it has many hair with a same length, so double drawn hair can create a smooth look.
  • Super Double Drawn: Super double drawn hair comes with the highest amount of hair with the same length. Although you have to pay more for this hair but it is worth to invest due to its high quality and volume
Luxshinehair 6 Inches Weave Hair Extensions 4
Luxshinehair 6 Inches Weave Hair Extensions 4


7. Why you should choose Luxshinehair

As you know hairstyple plays an important role in our appearance. With human hair extensions of Luxshinehair you know your money is worthy and the hair will serve you for a long time. Besides, using 100% virgin hair extensions you can save a lot of money because the hair can be reused and it is exactly what each woman is looking for. We ensure that human hair extensions of Luxshinehair is beautiful and smooth. You can absolutely believe us.

Luxshinehair 6 Inches Weave Hair Extensions
Luxshinehair 6 Inches Weave Hair Extensions

How do you think about 6 inch weave hair extensions? Luxshinehair always provide the best extensions for customers. There are so many options for you, so don’t hesitate to contact Beequenhair and get your favourite 6 inch weave hair extensions. Our promise  is that we provide high quality weave hair for customers and you will become our lifelong customer.

Best wholesale vendor supplier of hair extensions

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