Hair is considered the glory of a woman. Therefore, many women try their best to discover the best hairstyle. However, not everyone can own pretty hair naturally, so added pieces of hair can help them to achieve standout look. Recently weave hair extensions have become familiar with women and played an important part in their beauty. Curly hairstyle is suitable for most casual and formal events. Thus, today Luxshinehair wants to introduce 6 inch weave curly human hair extensions to you. It’s time for you to achieve glamorous look with curly hair extensions.

short curly human hair

1. 6 inch curly hair weave description

For years, Luxshinehair has been one of the most trustworthy hair extension brands for women. The phrase “human hair extensions” means that all hairs are authentic human hair without mixing synthetic hair or animal fur. The weight of a bundle is about 100 grams. Depending on your hair thickness, you can decide how many bundles you need for your hair. 6 inches is quite short and it is suitable for girls who love short hair and have strong personality. These curls make girls look energetic to start a new day. When you are using curly hair weave, no one can take their eyes off your elegant look.

6 inch curly hair weave

2. 6 inch sew in hair extension quality

If you want to achieve natural and glamorous look, human weave hair extensions are your right choice. Human hair is considered the highest hair extension quality. There are no chemicals and synthetic hair, so human hair extensions are totally safe for your health. Luxshinehair is proud that our weave hair extensions are sourced in Vietnam. Vietnamese women’s hair is well known for its smoothness and sleekness. So, you don’t have to worry about hair quality and your natural look, as well. Having said that, 6 inches curly hair weave will make your dream of classy and chic hair become true.

6 inch sew in hair extensions' quality

3. Different textures of 6 inch curly weave hair extensions

Are you particularly interested in any hair texture of 6 inches sew in hair extensions? A right selection of hair texture will help you enhance your hair beauty and glamorous appearance. As you know, your perfect hair texture is somewhere out there and your task is to discover them. To help you deal with this problem, Luxshinehair provides six curly hair textures which may suit with your facial structure. 6 inches curly hair weave is beautiful and you can obtain the impressive style with one of hair texture below: Deep Curly, Fumi Curly, Kinky Curly, Loose Curly, Romantic Curly and Twist Curly.

4. Tips to keep your curly hair weave healthy

No one can deny that curly hair is pretty and taking care of curly hair isn’t harder than it looks. Curly make women look attractive and taking care of your curly hair properly help you own beautiful hair extensions in a long time. These simple tips below will help your curls look shiny and beautiful.

  • Washing curly hair weave: It’s important to know that brushing curly hair while it is dry causes breakage to the hair strands. If you decide to wear 6 inch weave curly human hair extensions, you should use a tangling wet-brush to protect your curls.
  • Brushing your hair from the bottom up: The truth is that brushing from the bottom allows you to gently loosen the knot though a comb. A wide tooth comb is your best friend which are safe for your hair extensions as well as your natural hair.
  • Less maintenance: After washing curly hair weave you have to let it dry completely. Some women use curly weaves to protect their hair from harsh environmental factors. Weaves require less maintenance.

keep your curly hair weave healthy

5. Hair standards of 6 inch weave curly human hair extensions

Single drawn, Double drawn and Super Double drawn are phrases used to describe the difference in the length and thickness of hair strands. Each kind of hair is sold at various price. Whichever option you choose, you can be guaranteed that Luxshinehair extensions are the best quality in the market. To help you understand the differences, here are some helpful information for you.

  • Single drawn: Hair strands of single drawn hair has multiple lengths. Single drawn hair extensions are incredibly common in the market because they are sold at reasonable price and everyone can afford for these hair extensions.
  • Double drawn: If you are a big fan of voluminous look, double drawn hair is your great choice. Your hair will be thick and glossy.
  • Super double drawn: If you purchase super double drawn hair, your hair will be thick from root to tip because almost short hairs are removed by hand. This is also a reason why super double drawn hair is the most expensive hair extensions.

standards of 6 inch curly hair weave

6. Other popular hair extensions of Luxshinehair

As you won’t get weave hair extensions, other alternatives for you are using popular hair extensions of Luxshinehair. Each kind of hair extensions will bring you different experience and all you have to do is to read information below and decide your best hair extensions. We would like to introduce 3 popular hair extensions of our brand which are Tape-in hair, V-tip, and Bulk hair.

  • Bulk hair: You are able to unleash your creativity with bulk hair extensions. They can be used for braiding or creating your own weft hair extensions. Your hair will be really attractive if you know how to style them.
  • Tape-in hair: Tape-in hair extensions are surely comfortable to apply. The tape of extensions can be changed and you definitely are able to own your gorgeous hairstyle in a short time
  • V-tip: These hair extensions contain many hair pieces which are bonded together by keratin. We are only use high keratin which has origin from Italy, so you can completely believe in these hair extensions.

Luxshinehair curly weave

7. Luxshinehair – the best choice for your hair

No one can deny that curly hair weave has ability to enhance your beauty and increase your hair length and thickness quickly. The demand for hair extensions is increasing rapidly and the customers are always looking for high quality hair. Luxshinehair guarantees that our hair extensions have excellent quality and customers will never feel disappointed with our customer service. Let’s find out your best hair extensions with Luxshinehair.



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