Today we’re imparting our most loved tips and traps to you on the best way to twist your hair to make it last throughout the day! Coincidentally, every one of these tips additionally work for hair extensions as well. You can either watch our instructional exercise underneath, or continue looking down for all of our tips and traps about how to make your curls hairs last longer.

1. Get Your Curls To Stay: Cool Them Down

A standout amongst the best traps on the best way to get your twists to stay is to give the twist a chance to chill off and set before releasing it. Take each new twist (as yet keeping the twist shape) and secure it with a clasp or a bobby stick. How does this work? Well, as you wrap your hair around the curling iron, heat is transferred onto the hair strands, which is what makes them change their shape. So once your bound twist is cooled, it will enable the fingernail skin to close and set up, influencing the twist to keep going for an any longer time frame. While unclipping your twists, make sure to give them a chance to chill off for a few minutes preceding brushing them out. On the off chance that you break the twists too rapidly, they will free their frame in a shorter measure of time.

how to make your curls last longer: 5 tips

Hint: If you don’t have time to wait 10-15 minutes for the curls to set, pin them all to your scalp and use your blow drier to blow cold air on them from a distance. Ever wondered what that ‘cool’ button was there for? 😉


2. Use the right hair products

Help your curls! Apply styling products to your hair, which will help hold the curls in longer. Depending what works with your hair, apply a modest piece of mousse preceding drying your hair, or just shower hairspray previously, amid and subsequent to twisting. This will give your hair a more rougher surface which will help draw out the life expectancy of your twists. All this is after applying heat protectant, of course – always remember the heat protectant first! 

how to make your curls last longer: 5 tips

Hint: Don’t hold the hairspray too close to your hair as this will make your curls crunchy and heavy. You want to spray mist onto it, and wait a few moments for it to dry prior to applying heat.

3. Invest in good hot hair tools

For a considerable length of time, you may believe that your hair is ‘stick straight’ and that ‘your twists will go into disrepair in 20 minutes at any rate.’ You will surmise that as long as you utilize shabby, drugstore mark hair curling accessories or twisting wands. Just when you change to better quality, higher-end hot apparatuses, will you understand that the issue isn’t in your hair – it’s in the hair curling accessory! Indeed, they might be more costly, in any case, they harm your hair less, they warm up better (so you will apply warm for a shorter timeframe), and great quality hair curling accessories will keep going you quite a while. We recommend to set your tools at a heat temperature of 300-350 F to achieve the optimal curl. If you are curling your extensions, be sure to use a lower heat setting of 250 F.

4. Use the right barrel size

Barrel estimate is in reality truly essential. It’s anything but difficult to believe that a greater barrel twisting wand or hair curling accessory is the thing that will give you those hot. We find, however, that more often than not, a littler barrel will do the enchantment. Contingent upon your hair, obviously, have a go at utilizing a 1″ or 1.5″ barrel, and see why it can matter! Will the twists look better, as well as last more. Here and there, utilizing a bigger barrel just prompts the wavy hair slackening up quicker and dropping out. Likewise, it is essential to separate between a twisting caution and a hair curling accessory, which will give you distinctive kinds of twists. Need a boost on the most proficient method to twist your hair?

5. Your hair still doesn’t curl?

Well, my beautiful friend, this is a sign that your hair is screaming SOS. Excessively harmed hair (counting split finishes) doesn’t twist well. Period. It’s an ideal opportunity to give your hair a few love and get a trim! If you are scared to cut your hair and missed our post about split ends.

how to make your curls last longer: 5 tips

In case you’re doing the majority of the above things right, however simply aren’t sure of the methods accessible on the best way to twist your hair – don’t stress 🙂 It takes some training. It’s fortunate we have heaps of twisting instructional exercises for you, our lovelies! Here are a portion of our faves:

What is your secret to fabulous curls that last longer? Please share in the comments below!




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