All of us want to be beautiful and save our budget at the same time. Thus, buying cheap wigs is a great idea to do so. Even though these products have their perks, we cannot deny their disadvantages. That’s the reason why many people wonder if they should uses them. Hereby, we will give you 5 questions that we usually receive from our fan.


Q: What is cheap wig?

Before answering this question, I want to ask you another one “how do you define “cheap things”? Each person has their own standard to evaluate thing as “cheap” or “expensive”. For example, you earn $200 each month, you will find a $100 bag is too high for you. Oppositely, when you earn $2000 monthly, it doesn’t matter to buy this bag. With the same concept, we cannot say what a cheap wig is.

However, we definitely say that artificial hair wig is much lower in price in comparison with human hair wig. It doesn’t mean all artificial wigs are inexpensive. There are tons of them that cost a lot which also means they are high quality as well. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean human hair gets high price neither. Some hair vendors use their technology to turn trash hair into alike-qualified-hair with silicon outer. These hair extensions turn “human hair” into inexpensive wig in comparison with the high quality ones.

Artificial Wig

Q: Why is it so cheap?

Let’s talk about its material. Artificial hair wig is made from synthetic fibers. This materials are easy to produce in large number with low cost. At the same time, budget wig gets uneven colors and short lifespan. No need to say, it cannot as soft as our natural hair. Also, people can detect your hair extensions if you use these wigs.

Q: Is it harmful?

There are no evidence that cheap wigs are harmful to our body. In our opinion, you should wear them now and then only. Firstly, it is made from synthetic fibers with low quality, thus, it may cause uncomfortable feelings to your scalp if you wear it too long. Secondly, it is not as soft as your natural hair and people can detect it. So, a long-term use is not a good idea here. Last but not least, you cannot style these wigs at all. Staying the same is soooo boring.


Q: Will it last long?

Normally, cheap wigs last for 4-6 months with daily wear and proper care. Remember to wash it after use with sulfate-free shampoo. Moreover, you shouldn’t let any heat contact to your wig, or it will be melted. The direct sunshine also causes bad effect to the color of your synthetic fibers wig. The short lifespan attributes to low price as well. When your wig is out, you will need to buy a new one. Then, calculating the price, you may pay more for

Q: Should I use synthetic fibers wigs?

Sure, why not? If you just want to change your look sometimes, you absolutely should use these products. Thanks to them, you can refresh your look frequently without damage your natural tress or spend money and time on hair salon. As we mention before, there are also bunches of high quality artificial wigs in the world. They are also expensive somehow but some of them is lower in price than human hair ones. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, don’t worry anything. I bet that you may get addicted to them.

straight hair wig from Luxshinehair

Meanwhile, if you have hair troubles and want to have a long-term use, you should invest in a good wig. What does it mean? It means that you should buy human hair wig. First and foremost, it is friendly to you. It’s 100% natural so there are no allergies or itches at all. Next, no one can detect your hair extensions thanks to its softness and flawlessness. Last but not least, you can wear it every day within 2-3 years. It’s a good deal, right?

For artificial hair wig, you can find them easily on Amazon. If you want to find a trustworthy hair supplier, we will show you how to find the best hair vendor. In case you are looking for a human hair wig, head to Luxshinehair online store. I promise you satisfy with the quality as well as the reasonable price and professional customer support. If you have any other questions, please leave your comment and follow our blog for more guidelines, the latest hair trends and hair tips.


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