Short hair limits your hairdos, while long hair requires much effort to take care properly. Thus, a medium one as armpit length hair is the ideal hairstyle for you. Not only you and me, many celebrities cannot refuse the beauty of this hair length. Especially, they transform it into different versions with distinguished shades. Let’s see how they look and choose the best one for you.

Hair Length Chart

What is armpit length hair?

In hair length chart, it is medium long. The name itself explains how it looks. Depending on your height and textures, it is different. However, according to the standard in the world, we have the statistics as below:

  • For straight hair: 16 inches to 18 inches
  • For wavy hair: 18 inches to 20 inches
  • For curly hair: 20 inches to 22 inches

Celebrity hairstyles with medium length hair

Emma Watson

If you want to take part in an event but don’t have much time to prepare your hairdo, let’s try the hairstyle as Emma Watson above. She looks both serious and sexy at the same time. The asymmetrical part and hair ends show her jawline perfectly for an edgy and mature appearance. A sleek fringe hide her high forehead to bring an elegant tress. To have this look, you need hair spray, hot tool, comb and bobby pins. Oldie but goodie, right? It absolutely becomes one of the trendiest hairstyles for armpit length hair in 2020.

Emma Watson Armpit Length Hair

Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning is labeled as “Princess of Hollywood”. However, she is blurring this title to become a real lady. It’s shown obviously in the photo above. With medium hair length and side part, she makes a bouffant by securing the front hair it behind for a mature look. This hairstyle exudes the sexiness and charm of 22-year-old actress. We can see her beautifully long neck that makes her more feminine. It’s suitable to an occasional event as well as daily life case. Also, it’s not hard to style yourself at home. Time-saving and money-saving but still stunning.

Elle Fanning

Taylor Swift

For long time, Taylor has a medium long hairstyle from straight to wavy. But one thing never changes. It’s her bang. She usually transforms it from blunt cut bang to swept one. In this pic, the singer couples a chopped bang with her layers armpit length hair. Simply adding some waves, her cold color tresses turn into a dimensional hairstyles.

Taylor Swift Armpit Length Hair


Rihanna always refreshes her look with a large range of hairstyles which not only impress her fan but also become trendy. In this photo, we see a ringlet pattern with high ponytail. Riri makes curly hair ends fall upwards to cover the top. Thank to that, she is more mysterious and sexier. Additionally, ombre hair color results in a dimensional hairdo with big contrary between black and honey brown. Everyone falls in love with her look at the first sight for sure.

Rihanna Armpit Length Hair

How to have armpit length hair?

If you have longer hair, just cut it. I know it’s not easy to grow your hair at all, but changing hair length will make a big difference in your look. Dare to try?

If you have shorter hair, you can grow it naturally. It takes time, but it’s worth it. If you want to know some tips to grow hair faster with organic and healthy ingredients, click here.

In another case, you want an instant length with subtle volume, hair extensions will be a great choice for you. There are many types of hair extensions to have your dreaming hair length such as wig, weave hair extensions, tape ins hair extensions, keratin extensions (also called tip hair extensions), clip ins extensions, halo extensions. Some of them are semi-permanent, the others are temporary. I highly recommend to use wig, clip ins extensions and halo extensions. These types are easy to apply and remove within 15 minutes. Especially, you can choose hair patterns (straight, wavy or curly) with a large range of colors. Thus, you will get a totally brand new look. If you want to know more about hair extensions pros and cons, click here.

Armpit length hair is not only easy to take care but also able to do a tons of hairstyles. Are you ready for it? Follow us to get more guidelines and hair care tips. Don’t hesitate anything, just leave a comment below so we can support you. Have a nice day.


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