When it comes to hair extensions, one of the biggest concerns is whether the seams are visible since they look weird and not natural at all. 360 frontal with bundles make a perfect combo to solve the problem. As long as you apply them in the right way and make clever styles, you could be totally confident with your new hair.

Why do 360 frontal and bundles make a favorable package deal?

360 frontal with closure

360 frontal is a headband – shaped piece of hair whose base is a lace or a silk. There are also some hooks in the back for flexible size changes according to users’ heads. For your easy imagination, a 360 frontal looks like a wig without the middle, hence, we need to sew some hair weave bundles on the rest area. You could freely apply 360 frontal and bundles with various textures.

Why not a full wig but 360 frontal with closure?

Once you buy a full wig, it is not likely possible to lengthen or thicken your hair locks. In contrast, it is more flexible to have your hair extensions using 360 frontal and bundles. You can simply change the length as well as the thickness of your strands by adjusting the number of weave bundles and how low or high you position them. In addition, you could part the front hair anywhere you want for flexible hairstyles.

Compared to a full wig, a package deal of 360 frontal with closure is much cheaper. We agree that applying the combo will take you more time than wearing a full wig. Therefore, we would like to give you a guide to saving your time and hiding all the seams. Make sure you know the number of bundles you will use.

Proper installation of 360 frontal to hide any sign of sewing

Many girls have their hair installed at home, and we hope you could decide if it is possible to apply yourself.

Step 1: Preparation 

For the best preparation, make sure that you have clean and dry hair before applying the 360 frontal with closure. Do not let dirt and hair bugs exist on your natural hair so that they will not make your scalp itchy or uncomfortable. Thanks to that, the hair extensions could remain longer on your head.

Step 2: Fix your real hair 

Braid your natural hair

You will need to braid your real hair into hair cornrows to fix your real hair under the hair extensions. This step helps install the hair extensions more easily as well as reduce damages to your natural hair and scalp.

Step 3: Apply your 360 frontal 

You then position the 360 frontal by sewing or gluing it. A 360 lace frontal is more popular than the silk one. The gluing method requires less time, yet the sewing one ensures a stronger connection. Installing the 360 frontal in the right position helps avoid unexpected side effects.

Step 4: Position some bundles 

Finish installing

Finally, you will have to cover the middle area with some weave bundles. You could either glue or sew the wefts on the cornrows base. You could freely decide how many bundles and how long they are to have your desired length and thickness. Cut off the remaining tracks and be ready for styling your new hair.

Some hairstyles to avoid exposing the extension

Just let it be

Just let it be

As long as your hair extensions are thick enough, the extension will not be revealed even when your hair blows in the wind. It is your choice to freely part your hair at any position as of the flexible structure of the frontal. Do not underestimate this advantage of 360 frontal and bundles packages since it could make an adorable change on your look.

Ponytail for a cool look 

It should be the safest option for you due to the completely round shape of the 360 frontal. Sometimes, simple is just the best.

Low or high buns?


Having buns makes you look cool and neat. If you beautify yourself with some hair accessories, then you will be ready for special events such as a party or wedding.

Charming braids with 360 frontal 


Loose braids or tight braids. On side or in the back. With or without flower hairpins. As long as you love it.

Half up – half down

Half up half down

It is a conservative way to hide the seams under your strands and also a beautiful style for the “charming you”.

We hope that our tips to apply and style 360 frontal with bundles deal could help you become beautiful and confident. We believe it does not require you too many skills to hide any sign of your hair extensions.


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