From then to now, who don’t want to be beautiful and outstanding? Consequently, it has recently become an indispensable demand in beauty industry, especially in hair beauty.

One of important trick is to hide hair imperfection as well as to enhance its charm. In case you are in trouble with thin hair, slow hair growth, hair loss, etc., you can apply hair extensions to make up for your shortcomings.

Among standard hair length chart worldwide, 32 inch hair is the longest one that surely provides incredible long hairstyles. As impressive it is, we cannot skip 32 inch hair extensions in our blog but talk about it right now. Let’s get started!

Overview About 32 Inch Hair Extensions

Whether you want to add length, volume or change your hairstyle, the most effective way is using hair extensions. However, sometimes, you may be confused about which hair length you should choose among various options in hair length chart. Don’t hesitate to choose 32 inch hair extensions which have a range of colors and textures. These hair extensions ensure to give you perfect long hairstyles. The length of hair is measured when the hair is straightened. It is about 80 centimeters so that you can style your hair any way you want.

32 Inch Hair Extensions

Diverse Standards Of 32 Inch Hair Extensions

Hair standard refers to the thickness of hair and length of hair strands. In the hair industry, there are three common hair standards which are single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn. Keep on reading to have a clear idea about them.

  • Single Drawn: Single drawn hair is thinner at the bottom of hair extensions. Many women use this hair standard because of its reasonable price. Specially, these extensions are always available on the market.
  • Double Drawn: Another ideal option is double drawn hair which contains many hair strands with the same length. These extensions must bring you a voluminous look. To give more options for clients, we divide this one into 2 types including type 1 and type 2.
  • Super Double Drawn: This is the thickest hair because there is no shorter hair in the bundles. This hair standard is quite expensive in comparison with others, so consider your budget before purchasing.

Diverse Standards Of 32 Inch Hair Extensions

Types Of 32 Inch Hair Extensions

Your dream of a beautiful long hair will become true with hair extensions of 32 inches. These days, there are countless types of hair extensions for you. We will introduce to you some popular types of hair extensions.

Bulk Hair

Bulk hair is the most basic product which is often purchased by wholesalers to make different types they want. In general, bulk hair is simply tied into small bundles that are 100 grams in weight.

Bulk Hair 32 Inch

Tape-In Hair

Tape in extensions are the newest type on the hair market. You can easily install them in your natural hair with sticky tapes. These extensions don’t cause much damage to your hair because they don’t require heat or glue.

Tape-In Hair 32 Inch

 Clip-In Hair

These extensions have specialized clips making it easier for putting in real hair. You can easily apply and remove these 32 inch clip in hair extensions yourself. These extensions in 32 inches have various colors and textures.

 Clip-In Hair 32 inch

Keratin Hair

Keratin hair extensions are also a great idea with 4 different types namely V-tip, U-tip, I-tip and Flat tip. You should go to a hair salon and get help from your stylist. To apply these extensions, your stylist needs to melt and fuse the bonds with the help of heat. The heat will cause a lot of damage to your natural hair if you don’t do it properly.

Keratin Hair 32 inch

Not only diverse in hair types and standards, you can easily get 32 inch hair in different textures from straight to wavy and curly.

If you are looking for the most natural-looking extensions, Asian hair will be your great option. Try 32 inch hair extensions from Luxshinehair right now if you want a gorgeous look. Please contact us for the best advice.

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