Today hair extensions become a common practice to many women. They are seeking for healthy and shiny hair and weave hair extensions give them an opportunity to achieve this look. From now on, the phrase “princess hair” will use to describe your hair. From serious concern for glamorous look, Luxshinehair one of leading hair extension company in Vietnam offers 30 inches wavy hair weave to customers. It is an investment for your beauty and 30 inch wavy sew in hair extensions of Luxshinehair will satisfy your demand.

30 Inches Sew In Hair Extensions1. 30 inch wavy human hair weave description

It can be said that wavy 30 inches weave hair extension is a great option for women. A hair weft is sewn together and weave hair is an incredible way to transform your appearance. One of the biggest goals of using hair extensions is to keep hair looking natural. Luxshinehair promise that our weave hair extensions have natural shape and blend perfectly with your natural hair. 30 inches sew in hair extensions are suitable for girls who seek for long chic hair and elegant look.

30 Inches Wavy Human Hair Weave Description


2. Why women wear sew in hair extensions of Luxshinehair

In fact, wavy hair weave seems to have magic power to comb and style your hair. To own naturally beautiful hair, women always look for the finest quality hair extensions available on the market. Luxshinehair is proud that our weave hair extensions are high quality and they are made from 100% Vietnamese women’s hair. Because it’s human hair, the weave extensions are absolutely safe for your scalp and your health, as well. If you look for an ideal length, 30 inches wavy hair weave will be your right solution. Extensions can be found in a variety of colors and textures which help any woman create natural look, so you absolutely attain the desired look.

3. Seven hair textures of 30 inch wavy hair weave

For many women, their hair is considered their pride and charm. Every woman’s hair is different and the texture of hair is typically a description of its thickness. The right hair texture helps you to determine the best haircut with your facial structure. So, let’s know about seven hair textures of 30 inches wavy hair weave which are Body wavy, Bouncy wavy, Deep wavy, Water body wavy, Fumi wavy, Natural wavy and Loose wavy.

Textures Of 30 Inches Wavy Hair Weave

4. Advantages of wearing 30 inch human hair weave

In fact, human hair extensions are common to woman. Apart from adding hair length and thickness, there are still many reasons for women wearing extensions. We have listed the top 3 remarkable benefits of weave hair extensions.

  • Get natural look: As you know, the quality of weave hair extensions is able to decide how glamorous you look. So, it is important to select the excellent quality hair extensions. Human weave hair extensions are completely soft and able to blend perfectly with your natural hair. Your hair will look extremely natural with human weave hair extensions.
  • Easy to apply: Unlike other beauty method, weave hair extensions are absolutely easy to use. Human weave hair extensions can be washed and styled as your natural hair. Moreover, weave hair extensions don’t require heat tools or glue for application, so there is no harm for your hair.
  • Be comfortable to use: In fact, weave hair extensions can be more natural and comfortable than other hair extensions. You don’t have to worry about them falling off. Why waste a lot of time combing and styling your hair when you can use weaves?

Advantages Of Wearing 30 Inches Human Hair Weave

26 Inch Weave Wavy Human Hair Extensions

5. Guide to take care of 30 inches weave human hair extensions

One of the outstanding benefits of human weave hair extensions is that they can be reused. Therefore, each woman has to know how to take care of your wavy hair weave to maintain its lifespan. Here are 3 important tips in taking care of sew in hair extensions.

  • Brushing: Even though weave hair extensions are made from human hair, you still have to be gentle with them. You’d better comb weave hair extension by a wide tooth comb. Don’t comb your hair extensions if they are wet.
  • Washing: In fact, washing your weave hair extensions too much can make hair dry and tough. The smoothness of hair extensions can be damaged by wrong shampoo. So, you should use free shampoo and avoid salt water.
  • Storing: After using weave hair extensions, you should keep them in a box or specialized storage bag made for extensions. If you know how to care for your wavy hair weave properly, your human weave hair extensions will last longer.

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6. Hair standard of 30 inch weave hair extensions

If you have been shopping for weave hair extensions, you’ve probably heard about some phrases such as single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn. Sometimes, it could be overwhelming when you try to decide which hair standard is the right choice for you. Therefore, the information below will help you deal with this problem.

  • Single drawn: Single drawn hair is quite popular on the market. The hair strands are thick at the top and thin at the end. These extensions will give you a natural appearance.
  • Double drawn: Double drawn hair contains more long hair strands than single drawn hair. You will receive a bundle which is thick enough from the top to end.
  • Super double drawn: If you are a big fan of the volume and glamorous hair extensions, super double drawn hair is your great choice. Nonetheless, super double drawn hair can be more expensive than single drawn hair.

30 Inches Weave Human Hair Extensions

7. Different types of hair extensions

Luxshinehair is one of top leading hair extensions companies in Vietnam. Aside from weave hair extensions, we also have other high quality hair extensions such as U-tip hair, Lace Frontal and Tape-in hair extensions.

  • U-tip: U-tip hair extension is a set of many small hair pieces which are bonded together by keratin. These extensions are attached firmly to your natural hair.
  • Lace Frontal: Lace frontal is a half wig. Your dream of voluminous look will become true with lace frontal.
  • Tape-in hair: Tape-in hair extensions are thin tape wefts. This method doesn’t require tools or chemicals, so it is completely safe for your scalp.

30 Inches Weave Human Hair Extensions



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