I am pretty sure that one of our first hairstyles is French braid. It comes to many styles with different transformations. Thus, it is beloved so much for occasional events. Today, we will show you some fun French braid crown because we never want to be bored. Let’s go!

French Braid Crown

French braid half-crown

It’s absolutely the easiest one in “French braid crown family”. Check it out and see how to have the best hairstyle ever!

Step 1: Section your hair

You can choose your favorite part, even middle one. However, I think it’s much better to have a side part with the ratio 7:3 for your hair. Then, from the front, you divide your hair into 2 parts from the top of your head to your ears. You can go deep up to 3” for most (it’s just my recommendation, you can change it). You should use elastic bands to secure the rest or you can make a mess when you braid.

Step 2: Start to braid!

Let’s get start from side to side. You need to take a small piece of hair in the front, divide them into 3 sections. Then, cross the front to the middle so that they switch their places. Do the same with the back section. Cross the back one to the middle one and pull them tight. To continue, you need to add some more hair and keep going on. When it reaches your ear, don’t take anymore hair, just braid them up till the end of your hair and secure with bobby pins or elastic bands. Let’s go voluminous by pulling your hair gently to pancake it. Now, repeat it with the other side.

Step 3: Secure the braids

Wrap the left braid around your head and fix it with bobby pins under the right one and do the same with the opposite. If you find it boring to have the same pattern, the same hairstyle, why don’t you create a little difference here? You can put the braids under all the hair, tie it with plastic band. You absolutely realize the effects of changing the position of French braid, right?

French Braid Crown 03

Step 4: Finish your hairstyles

We’ve done with the French braid half-crown but don’t forget the rest. You should make some curls or slight waves to boost your beautiful hairdo. A small tip to impress your friends and family is to add some accessories or fresh flower. You will be one of the kind with this cute tip.

French braid low-bun

It’s just a transformation of French braid half-crown above. Instead of let your hair down, you can make a mess low bun. This is also one of the most favorite ancient Greek hairstyles of beautiful brides thanks to its glamorous look.

French Braid Crown 01

When we finish step 2, it’s time to have a bun! Because we have 2 voluminous braids, so, an extra and messy bun is a perfect choice. How to do it? Just do another braid first. Tie the rest of your hair into a low ponytail. Another hack for you, if you use hot styling tool to create some waves or curls, your hair will have good dimensions, braid it and pull the edge of the hair to make it fuller and roll it around to create a bun. You should use bobby pins to fix it instead of elastic bands to have a good shape. Then, secure your crown above the bun. Remember to apply our tip here as well.

Crown and the ponytail

French Braid Crown 02

Summer is coming up and a ponytail will make sense. However, it seems to be too simple if you want to walk in an occasional event with it. We will turn your hair from zero to hero. Get back to French braid half-crown, do you know our idea? Yeah, let’s make a crown. After braiding your hair up, gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail and secure them into a crown-shape. Some lovely accessories and curls will complete your gorgeous lock incredibly. In case you want to get more hairstyles for ponytail, click here!

No more traditional French braid crown, you can have your own style. There are bunch of great ideas for your hair out there and they make you confused. So, you shouldn’t search for them in vain, let’s follow our blog and we will update the latest trends for you and show how to do them in the easiest and fanciest way.


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