The beautiful world of hair extensions may be complicated but when you figure out your suitable extensions, you definitely achieve elegant appearance. Today weave hair extensions are no longer strange with women and they are an excellent method to enhance woman’s beauty. From now on, you don’t have to wait long time for hair growth and Luxshinehair will provide quality extensions for you. We offers 28 inch straight hair weave and women having less and thin hair aren’t worried about their fashionable look.

Taking Back Your Confidence With 28 Inches Weave Extensions
Taking Back Your Confidence With 28 Inches Weave Extensions


1. General information about 28 inch straight weave extensions

Luxshinehair is one of top leading hair extension companies in Vietnam and beautiful hairstyle of customer is our first concern. We supplies 28 inch straight weave extensions which are ideal length. They can be colored and styled as you want and then you will definitely have a new look. These weave hair extensions are able to blend completely into your natural hair.

2. Quality of 28 inch weave human hair extensions

The natural beauty of your hairstyle can be decided by the quality of straight weave extensions. Luxshinehair always care about customer’s beauty, so we only supply human hair extensions to them. All 28 inches weave extensions of Luxshinehair are from 100% Vietnamese woman’s hair. Their hair are soft and sleek and you don’t have to doubt about the quality of our straight weave extensions. 28 inch human hair weave brings gorgeous hairstyle to you.

Quality Of 28 Inches Weave Human Hair Extensions
Quality Of 28 Inches Weave Human Hair Extensions

3. Hairstyle ideas with 28 inch weave hair extensions

There are various types of straight hair weave available. It is essential to know what hairstyle is best for you. Here are some simple and fashionable hairstyle.

  • The Front Braid: This is a nice hairstyle for long straight hair for any occasion or even a busy day. This hair is easy to style and suitable for heart face or oval face. You really look adorable.
  • Basic bangs: This is a quick hairstyle for formal events. The bangs on the front is soft and light. Basic bangs is a perfect choice for straight hair.
  • A full fringe with long hair: The best thing is that this hairstyle can make you look both mature and adorable. The hairstyle suits all seasons and any face type.

4. Hair texture of weave hair extensions

Virgin hair is one of the most popular grade of weave hair. There are many different textures of hair and luckily Luxshinehair has 3 hair textures which may help customers find out their favorite style.

  • Natural straight: This texture is great choice for people who are interested in unprocessed texture. These extensions are simply straight and sleek as your natural hair.
  • Yaki straight: Your hair will look thicker with small fold of yaki straight extensions.
  • Kinky straight: Kinky straight extensions are very full and thick. This texture is just fabulous.
Hair Texture Of Weave Hair Extensions
Hair Texture Of Weave Hair Extensions


5. Standard of 28 inch human hair extensions

All weave hair extensions of Luxshinehair are authentic human hair and we recommend 3 hair standards of weave hair extensions. They are single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn.

  • Single drawn: These extensions have natural ending and they are quite popular in the market.
  • Double drawn: To satisfy customer expectation we offer hair extensions with double quality. Double drawn extensions contain many hair having the same length.
  • Super double drawn: If you like full and thick hair from the top to the end, super double drawn extensions will meet your expectation.

6. Benefits of wearing 100% human hair extensions

  • Protect your natural hair: Weave hair extensions are considered as a blanket to product your own hair. Your hair won’t have to suffer abuse the effects of styling as well as harsh environment. Besides our weave hair extensions are virgin hair, so they are no harmful for your skin and your healthy hair, as well.
  • Instant length and volume: Hair extensions are able to create a long straight hair immediately. With a hair weave, you don’t have to wait a long time for hair growth or adding different shades and hair thickness. You will get glamorous look without risking damage to your natural hair.
  • Beautiful hair for special occasion: Have you ever wondered how celebrities can change their look frequently? Weave hair extensions are the answer. Human weave hair extensions blend perfectly with your natural hair and they are allow you change hairstyle as well as hair color without using any harsh tools or chemicals.
Benefits Of Wearing 100% Human Hair Extensions
Benefits Of Wearing 100% Human Hair Extensions


7. Properly care for 28 inch weave hair extensions.

Hair extensions give you various options for your hairstyle, so it is essential to care for the hair extensions correctly. Here are some tips to maintain your beautiful weave hair extensions.

  • Daily hair care: Human weave hair extensions look like your natural hair, they also need basic care. For example, you should wash your hair extensions with free shampoo and use moisturizing conditioners. Take your time to straighten weave hair extensions with your fingers.
  • Avoiding heat tools: As you know human weave hair extensions don’t get the oil from your head, so heat tools can make them become dry and damaged. If your hair extensions are wet, you can leave them dry naturally.

Use wide tooth comb, do not use a ton of oils on your hair

  • Sleeping with hair extensions: You should sleep with a soft pillow and never go to bed with wet hair.

10 inches weave straight human hair extensions

8. Other types of hair extensions

Luxshinehair supplies many kind of hair extensions to customers. Here are 3 beautiful hair extensions beside weave hair extensions.

  • Flat-tip hair: These extensions are bonded with keratin in flat shape. Natural hair extensions will make you look charming.
  • Ponytail: Ponytail extensions can be applied easily and they are absolutely soft and smooth. To create high quality ponytail, the whole process had done by hand.
  • Lace Frontal: You can wear this hair extension at a hair salon or at home. Many celebrities choose lace frontal extensions and they look really gorgeous.
Other Types Of Hair Extensions
Other Types Of Hair Extensions

24 inch weave straight human hair extensions

9. Luxshinehair is a great choice for customers

To satisfy customer expectation, Luxshinehair always sells high quality products. Beautiful hair of customer is our top priority. We are proud that our hair extensions have a wide range of colors and textures. You will see your great appearance when you wear Luxshinehair extensions. Don’t hesitate to contact us right now to have more information about 28 inch weave straight human hair extensions

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