Having a long gorgeous hair is a dream of many girls. It is said that hair is one of the most important elements to look beautiful. There are numerous ways and treatments for the right hair growth but those methods don’t work efficiently. Today girls deal with short thin hair by wearing weave hair extensions. They are considered to be the best way to transform girl’s look. And now, girls don’t need to worry about their short and thin hair. If you are looking for a reliable hair extension brands, Luxshinehair will be a perfect choice for you. Customers will achieve a long chic hairstyle by wearing our 26 inch weave wavy human hair extensions

26 Inches Wavy Hair Weave

1. Brief description of 26 inch wavy hair weave

Weave hair contains many hair pieces which are sewn onto braided hair. The length of 26 inches will be an ideal choice for girls who love long chic hair. These extensions are able to cover flaws of your hair and bring an elegant look for you. Moreover 26 inches sew in hair extensions are made from human hair, so they are totally safe for your scalp and bring a natural appearance for you. Your dream of long soft hair will become reality thank to sew in hair extensions of Luxshinehair.

Brief Description Of 26 Inches Wavy Hair Weave

2. Quality of 26 inch sew in hair extensions

Desirable hair is known for its beautiful shine and natural look. Luxshinehair is proud that all our hair extensions are made from 100% human hair. The hair is collected from Vietnamese women who live in the countryside. The glorious weather of tropical monsoon climate make their hair become soft and smooth. We only work with the highest grade hair and these extensions absolutely give you gorgeous look. Besides you are no longer worried about your natural hair because human hair extensions don’t contain any harsh chemicals. With 26 inches wavy hair weave, nobody can find out you are wearing weave hair extensions.

Quality Of 26 Inches Sew In Hair Extensions

3. Hair standard of wavy weave hair extensions

If you are looking for beautiful hair extensions, you properly come across a few new hair term such as hair standard. Each individual has different hair growth and thickness, so hair standard will help you get the suitable extensions. Depending on your hair as well as your preference, you will find out the right weave hair extensions for you.

  • Single drawn: Single drawn extensions are quite popular on the market. The hair strands have different length because they are thick at the top and thin at the end.
  • Double drawn: Unlike single drawn extensions, these extensions contain more hair strands having the same length and girls will get a voluminous look.
  • Super double drawn: Super double drawn extensions are known as the highest standard of hair extensions because practically short hair strands are removed by hand. These extensions are able to satisfy your demand.

Hair Standard Of Wavy Weave Hair Extensions

4. Different hair textures of wavy sew in hair extensions

Wavy hair weave are the most effective ways to enhance girl’s beauty, but choosing the wrong hair texture can affect your beauty. Hence each girl should have basic understanding about hair texture to achieve their desirable look and feel confident about their appearance. Each hair texture we provide is here to help girl obtain the best look. Let’s find out your right weave hair extensions with seven hair textures of Luxshinehair which are Body wavy, Bouncy wavy, Deep wavy, Water body wavy, Fumi wavy, Natural wavy and Loose wavy.

Different Hair Textures Of Wavy Sew In Hair Extensions

5. Three main benefits of sew in wavy hair extensions

In fact, weave hair extensions do more than add length. 26 inch sew in hair extensions are an amazing beauty method. Here are some outstanding reasons why wavy hair weave is an excellent choice for girls.

  • Protect your natural hair: It can be said that weave hair extensions are likely to a blanket to cover your natural hair. Sometimes due to harsh environment elements, your natural hair can’t seem to grow. So, weave hair extensions will help you to protect your natural hair against these elements.
  • Change various hair color: We all know that dying hair frequently can cause hair damage. Weave hair extensions allow you change hair color without using any harsh chemicals and the hair extensions are 100% virgin human hair which are totally safe for your scalp.
  • Have gorgeous hair for special event: Celebrities always look fabulous on the red carpet which make us feel jealous about their hair. From now on, every girl can achieve this look by using weave hair extensions. You will look gorgeous in a new hairstyle.

Three Main Benefits Of Sew In Wavy Hair Extensions

6. Quick and beautiful hairstyle with 26 inches wavy hair weave

It can’t be denied that a long chic hair is a dream of many girls and 26 inches weave wavy human hair extensions give them opportunity to get this beauty.

  • Extra Long Double Ponytail: You may have a long beautiful hair due to weave hair extensions but it may look prettier when you tie it up in a high ponytail. This simple hack of this style will give you charming appearance.
  • Easy Boho Braid: This style is really suitable for busy girls. The hairstyle has carefree and romantic vibes which make you look like a sleep beauty.
  • Loose wavy curls: Your hair is stunning due to beautiful wavy lines. By wearing weave hair extensions, you absolutely look gorgeous and other girls will feel jealous of your beautiful hair.

Quick And Beautiful Hairstyle With 26 Inches Wavy Hair Weave

24 Inch Weave Wavy Human Hair Extensions

7. Hair extensions from Luxshinehair

Apart from weave hair extensions, Luxshinehair also provide various kinds of hair extensions to customers. We believe that all girls are pretty and every thing they need is to find out their best type of hair extensions. Here are 3 other popular types of our hair extensions.

  • Clip-in hair: Clip-in hair extensions are one of the easiest hair extension method. They are easy to use and remove. If you have a busy day and don’t have much time, clip-in hair extensions will be the right choice for you.
  • U-tip hair: These extensions are bonded with each other by U-shaped tips. We only use high quality hair and keratin, so you don’t have to worry about your natural hair as well as your scalp.
  • Wig: Wig will cover your head and bring a totally new look for you. Be confident about your gorgeous hairstyle.


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