Do you dream of curly hair which represents your style and looks impressive? Girls are always interest in long curly hair, but sometimes they don’t know how to manage their curls and maintain its beautiful look. However, thank to curly hair weave, styling long chic curly hairstyle isn’t as hard as it seems. Weave hair extensions is a bundle of hair wefts which allow girls to add hair length, thickness or even change appearance. So, let’s take a look at 26 inch weave curly human hair extensions to get more information about this beautiful hair.

Sew In Curly Hair Extensions

1. Description of 26 inch sew in curly hair extensions

What is more wonderful than beautiful curly hair which are made of virgin hair extensions? 26 inch hair extensions are absolutely smooth and they are considered the top-notch choice of many girls. A plus point of weave hair extensions is that they don’t require heat or glue, thus, girls are able to create different hairstyle at home. Moreover, instead of going to hair salon, girls still have gorgeous curly hair. With numerous hair textures and colors available on the market, 26 inch curly hair weave will satisfy your expectation.

26 Inch Weave Curly Human Hair Extensions

2. Exceptional quality of 26 inch curly human hair extensions

Luxshinehair guarantees that we only offer high quality hair extensions. We collect hair from Vietnamese people who live in the countryside. Their hairs are strong and are known for its clean and sleekness. We guarantee that there are no synthetic hair or animal fur, so human hair extensions of Luxshinehair are totally safe for human hair. Further more due to the characteristic of human hair extensions, girls are able to style or dye as you want. Compare to other hair extensions such as synthetic hair, human curly hair weave is incredible and has ability to bring wearers classy and fashionable hairstyle.

Quality Of 26 Inch Curly Human Hair

3. Hair standard of 26 inch human curly hair weave

Are you fascinated with voluminous hair? In fact, depending on hair thickness, weave hair extensions also are sold at different price. There are three hair standards which are single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn. When you are looking for beautiful hair having suitable thickness, you should have basic understanding about hair standard. The information below might be helpful for you.

  • Single drawn: It can be said that single drawn hair is quite popular on the market. The hair strands have different length and they are sold at affordable price.
  • Double drawn: If single drawn hair doesn’t meet your expectation, double drawn hair is your great choice. These extensions contain many hair strands having the same length and bring you a fuller look.
  • Super double drawn: Are you looking for the finest hair? The hair strands of super double hair have the same length because the short hair are removed by hand. Even though these extensions are quite expensive, the hair quality will meet your expectation.

Hair Standard Of 26 Inchs

4. Six hair textures of 26 inch sew in curly hair extensions

Actually there are various curly hair textures which help girl enhance their beauty and create charming look. Each kind of hair texture brings different look and girls never feel bored with their curly hair. The right hair texture makes you look stunning and nobody can take their eyes off you. As a result, your main task is to find the most suitable curly hair texture with your facial structure. To make a good choice, you should look at six kinds of curly hair texture which are Deep Curly, Fumi Curly, Kinky Curly, Loose Curly, Romantic Curly and Twist Curly.

Luxshinehair Curly Wefts

5. Three hair tips for 26 inch curly hair weave

We probably know that curly hair is never backward because it makes girl look sexy and glamorous all the time. The properly care has ability to maintain the smoothness and lifespan of 26 inch sew in curly hair extensions. Here are 3 tips you should know to take care of them.

  • Finger combing: The truth is that instead of brushing your weave curly human hair extensions, you should use your finger to detangle curls. Besides, brushing curly weave when it too dry can make curls rough and damage. You can also use wide-tooth comb to brush curly hair.
  • Washing: Actually you don’t need to wash your hair extensions every day. To clean your extension, you can use free shampoo to maintain its smoothness. Furthermore, we recommend leaving your curly human hair extensions to dry naturally after washing them.
  • Hair care product: Conditioner will add some shine, and gloss to hair extensions. However, you have to care about the amount of conditioner on your hair because the right amount of conditioner will leave your hair extension looking good, shiny, and soft.

Tips For 26 Inch Curly Hair Weave

6. Beautiful hair extensions of Luxshinehair

We all know that apart from hair texture, type of hair extensions also has important impact in girl’s beauty. Therefore, our company always try best to provide excellent products to customers. In term of hair, we provide other hair extensions to customers obtain their desirable look. Here are three other options for you:

  • I-tip hair: What is more wonderful than I-tip hair. The hair extensions contain many I-shaped tips which are bonded together by keratin. In order to apply I-tip hair to your head, you have to use special tool to melt keratin.
  • Lace frontal: Lace frontal is known as a half wig which goes from ear to ear. This extension is able to transform your look and stick firmly on your head.
  • Ponytail: Ponytail is a special extension, which is designed to create long and voluminous ponytail. Your hair will definitely look thicker in a matter of minutes.

I Tip Hair

7. Why should you choose Luxshinehair?

Before decided to wear weave hair extensions, you must be looking for a reliable hair extension brand. Being one of the lead hair extension company in Vietnam, Luxshinehair promises that customer’s benefit is one of our top priority. We provide not only high quality hair but also excellent customer service. We understand that the feedback and trust of customers are necessary requirement for the development of company. Therefore, customers are completely able to believe in the product and service of Luxshinehair.

28 inch weave curly human hair extensions


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