We probably know that beautiful hair is a pride of every girl. Beautiful hair has ability to raise girl’s confidence and curly hairstyle is their top-notch choice.  However, curly hair can be a challenge to maintain and keep it healthy. From now on, no matter what your hair texture is, you could obtain gorgeous curly hair by using curly hair weave. It can be said that thank to weave hair extensions, you never have to worry about your bad haircut or wait for hair growth. Are you ready to own a gorgeous hairstyle? Come to Luxshinehair to know more about 22 inch curly hair weave.

22 Inch Curly Hair Weave

1. General information of 22 inch sew in curly hair extensions

Are you finally decided that your new beauty method is going to be curly hair weave? Actually curly hair is one of the most popular types of hair extensions available on the market. There are different hair textures and colors, so you are absolutely able to unleash your creativity with 22 inch curly hair weave. Moreover, they don’t require heat or glue for attachment and girls can easily wear them at home.  22 inch curly weaves are considered the best beauty method to transform your look with variety hairstyle.

22 Inch Sew In Curly Hair

2. Why do girl choose 22 inch weave curly human hair extensions

Before deciding to purchase weave hair extensions, perhaps the quality of hair extensions is the top concern of customers. Understanding customer worry, Luxshinehair offer 22 inch human hair weave which are made from 100% Vietnamese human hair. They are women who life in countryside and thank to suitable weather and healthy environment, their hairs are absolutely clean and smooth. Besides we guarantee that our curly hair weaves are high quality which don’t contain any chemical or synthetic hair. It means that 22 inch sew in curly hair extensions are totally safe for wearers and can be styled as your authentic hair.

A Texture Of Luxshinehair Curly Hair

3. Guide to care for your 22 inch curly hair weave

In fact, taking care of curly hair weave does not require lots of your money and time. These extensions are can be installed and removed in short time. To maintain the sleekness and life span of your weave hair, there are some basic way to care for them.

  • Hair moisture care: As we probably know, curls love moistures for its sleekness. However, many people completely misunderstand that shampoo is able to provide moisture for your hair extensions. Wrong shampoo can damage your curls, so we highly recommend use free shampoo or conditioner.
  • Wide tooth comb: Brush can be dangerous for your curly hair, so be gentle with your hair extensions. Besides, curly hair weave need to be brushed before you wash them because this action can prevent your hair extensions from becoming tangled.
  • Sleeping: Actually the friction between your hair and pillow can lead to tangled hair. Therefore, you should use a satin pillow or headscarf to keep your curls shaped.

Care For Your 22 Inch Curly Hair Weave

4. Different hair textures of 22 inch curly weave

When it comes to choosing your best hairstyle, nothing is important than hair texture. Each person has different preference and hair textures, thus, choosing the right one may be hard for girls. From now on, all customers concern will be dealt thank to different hair textures of Luxshinehair. There are 6 hair textures of curly hair weave which are Deep Curly, Fumi Curly, Kinky Curly, Loose Curly, Romantic Curly and Twist Curly. With curly hair extensions you definitely can switch your look, but still keep natural appearance. Let’s find out your best hair texture which blends perfectly with your natural hair.

5. Three hair standards of 22 inch weave human hair extensions

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with your current hair length or hair thickness? Weave hair extensions are amazing for your look and hair standard of curly hair weave can help you achieve your desirable hairstyle. There are three hair standards which are single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn. The information below will help you have proper understanding about hair standard of 22 inch curly hair weave.

  • Single drawn: Known as the most popular hair on the market, single drawn hair are sold at reasonable price and the hair strands are thick at the top and thin at the end.
  • Double drawn: Even though double drawn hair are more expensive than single drawn hair, they are known for finer hair quality. Your money is worthy because the hair strands practically have the same length.
  • Super double drawn: If you are a big fan of voluminous look, super double drawn hair is your perfect options. Short hair strands are removed by skilled workers and these hair extensions are absolutely able meet your expectation.

22 Inch Weave Human Hair Extensions

6. Hair extensions of Luxshinehair

Today the phrase “hair extensions” becomes more common with girls and they always look for the best hair extensions which has ability to blend completely with their natural hair. Understanding customer expectations, we offer various kinds of hair extensions beside weave hair extensions. With different selection of hair extensions such as Flat-tip hair, Ponytail and Wig, we hope that you could find out your best hair extensions.

  • Flat-tip hair: To attach Flat-tip hair to your natural hair, you have to use special tool to melt keratin. At Luxshinehair, keratin is derived from Italy, so they are totally safe for your scalp and your health, as well.
  • Ponytail: Ponytail is a unique hair extension which is designed to create long, voluminous ponytail. Take a look at our ponytail to find the perfect extensions today.
  • Wig: Wig is considered a magic hair extension because it has ability to transform totally your look. This extension will cover your head. What is more wonderful than changing hair length based on your mood.

Deep Curly Wig

7. Luxshinehair – a reliable brand

What makes Luxshinehair so amazing? At Luxshinehair we ensure not only the best quality but also excellent customer service for our customers. Being one of the top hair extension brands in Vietnam, we know that feedback of customers is the foundation for our development. Therefore, we always have dynamic and friendly administrations who are willing to answer all customer’s questions. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us right now to have more information about 22 inch weave curly hair extensions.

24 inch weave curly human hair extensions


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