Celebrities at red carpet always look luxurious and their glamorous hairstyle always make you feel jealous. Behind this gorgeous look is a secret: Weave Hair Extensions. They use hair extensions to cover hair flaws and enhance the beauty. From now on, every girl will be able to achieve glamorous appearance if they know how to use Luxshinehair‘s 20 inch weave hair extensions properly.

20 Inches Weave Wavy Human Hair Extensions

1. Brief description of 20 inch human weave hair extensions

Have you ever wondered about the name human hair extension? It means that they are made from of virgin human hair from top to bottom without mixing any synthetic hair or animal hair. Human hair extensions are the top quality among hair extensions and the hair are smooth and silky throughout their lifetime. Moreover weave hair extensions have natural shape and various textures. 20 inch weave wavy hair extensions of Luxshinehair will make your dream of glamorous look become true.

Brief Description Of 20 Inches Human Weave Hair Extensions

2. What is special about the quality of 20 inch wavy hair weave?

It can’t be denied that the quality of weave hair extensions can decide the level of your glamorous look. Luxshinehair promises that our wavy hair weave are made from 100% human hair. We only supply high quality extensions to customers. The hair are Vietnamese women’s hair who live in the countryside. They are known for the smoothness and clearness. Your natural will look beautiful with 20 inches weave hair extensions. Besides, human weave hair extensions not only enhance your beauty, but also protect your scalp. Cheap synthetic hair can damage your natural hair and case scalp irritation. You definitely get classy and fashionable look by wearing 20 inches human weave hair extensions.

What Is Special About The Quality Of 20 Inches Wavy Hair Weave

3. Various hair textures of 20 inch wavy hair extensions

Weave hair extensions come in various styles, colors and textures. Authentic human hair extensions give you glamorous look and they blend naturally with your own hair. Hair texture has ability to enhance your beauty and make you feel confident in your appearance. Therefore choosing the right hair texture is really important. There are 7 hair texture options for you which are Body wavy, Bouncy wavy, Deep wavy, Water body wavy, Fumi wavy, Natural wavy and Loose wavy. Luxshinehair hopes that you would find out your favorite hair texture.

Hair Textures Of 20 Inches Wavy Hair Extensions

4. The difference in hair standard

Hair standard mentions about the difference in the length and thickness of hair. Depending on your natural hair and preference, you can decide the most suitable hair extensions for your style. In Luxshinehair, we have 3 hair standards including single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn.

  • Single drawn: Single drawn extensions contain hair strands having different length. If you are a big fan of natural ending of hair, they are a perfect choice for you.
  • Double drawn: Although double drawn extensions are more expensive than single drawn extensions, the quality and hair thickness will meet your expectation.
  • Super double drawn: Super double drawn extensions are silky and give you a voluminous look. Your money is worthy because practically short hair are removed by hand.

The Difference In Hair Standard

5. Best hairstyle with 20 inches human weave hair extensions

Weave hair extensions is an excellent ways to create new hairstyle because you are able to add length and volume to your natural hair.  With 20 inches wavy hair weave, you are definately able to create interesting and beautiful hairstyles. Here are some easy weave hairstyle for you.

  • Pineapple updo: High bun of this style help to underline your beauty. Weave hair extensions make your natural hair thicker and give you romantic feeling.
  • Wavy Half-up: This hairstyle looks good on every hair texture and length. The twist of ponytail is a highlight for your hair. This trend doesn’t seem to go away.
  • Classic Slick-back: Your look is really gorgeous with wavy lines and beautiful texture. This hairstyle is simple but elegant.

Best Hairstyle With 20 Inches Human Weave Hair Extensions

6. Other hair extensions of Luxshinehair

One of the top priority of Luxshinehair is the beautiful hair of customers. Therefore we always try to bring various types of hair extensions for them. Every girl is able to find out the right hair extensions. Apart from weave hair extensions, you can use some popular hair extensions such as tape-in hair, U-tip hair and flat-tip hair.

  • Tape in hair: These extensions are easy to use and remove. The hair extensions are attached by specialized tapes. Tape-in hair extensions not only give you glamorous look, but also help you save a lot of time.
  • U-tip hair: One of the advantage of U-tip hair extensions is that it blends perfectly with your natural hair. These extensions contains a sets of small hair pieces which are bonded with keratin.
  • Flat-tip hair: Flat-tip hair extensions are quite familiar with celebrities. We use keratin from Italy, so you don’t have to worry about hair extension quality.

Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair

7. Luxshinehair – a reliable hair extension brand

After a long development period, Luxshinehair believe that the satisfaction of customers is the foundation for the development of company. Luxshinehair is a reliable hair extension brand because of outstanding reason below:

  • Customer service: We always have dynamic consultant who is willing to answer all questions from you. If you are still unsure what hair textures will fit your hair, feel free to talk with our friendly consultants.
  • Hair extension quality: All hair extensions of Bee queen are human hair which are safe for customer’s health. We are not only concerned about your beautiful hair but also about your health. With 20 inches weave human hair extensions of Luxshinehair, you definitely can get your dream’s look.
  • Quickly delivery: After 2-3 working days, you will get your favorite hair extensions. You will feel safe completely about shipping time if you choose Luxshinehair.

Call us or email us right now to have more information about 20 inch wavy weave human hair extensions.

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