Girls are always interested in being gorgeous and changing hair is one of excellent ways to achieve that look. However styling your hair frequently can bring potential risk to your natural hair. To deal with this problem, girls look for excellent weave hair extensions which help them to cover hair flaws, but don’t cause harm for natural hair. The idea of long thick hair will be come true and nobody can take their eyes off you. Don’t miss your opportunity to try 18 inch wavy weave hair extensions from Luxshinehair.

18 Inches Weave Hair Extensions

1. What you need to know about 18 inch wavy hair weave

If you are a hair extensions novice, the information below may be helpful for you. Human hair extensions mean that hair are collected from human head without mixing any synthetic hair or animal hair. All weave hair extensions of Luxshinehair are attached by hand. The wefts are thin and flexible. These hair extensions are so smooth and sleek. Your dream about having glamorous hairstyle will be come true thank to 18 inch wavy hair weave.

What You Need To Know About 18 Inches Wavy Hair Weave

2. Exceptional quality of 18 inch natural wavy hair weave

One of the most important thing you need to know is about the quality of your weave hair extensions because you are deserve to get what you pay for. Luxshinehair promises that our weave hair extensions are made from 100% Vietnamese women’s hair. We are guarantee that there are no chemicals or animals hair in our hair extensions. Even though human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair, investing in high quality extensions actually saves your money as they can be reused. Depending your proper care, weave hair extensions can last for long time. Human hair extensions from Luxshinehair can be styled and dyed as your natural hair and your look is absolutely incredible.

Exceptional Quality Of 18 Inches Natural Wavy Hair Weave

3. Tips to use 18 inch human hair weave

Since taking care of wavy hair extensions is quite different from straight extensions, there are few things you need to know to maintain lifespan of them.

  • Moisture: It is important to keep your wavy hair weave moisture. In fact weave hair extensions don’t receive a certain amount of oil from your scalp, so they can be easily dry. You can use conditioner to maintain the moisture of weave hair extensions.
  • Washing: Your weave hair extensions are human hair, so they also need to wash as your own hair. However you don’t have to wash them every day which may reduce the sleekness of extensions. The most important thing is that you have to avoid brushing your hair extensions when they wet because this action can affect the wavy lines and damage hair extensions.
  • Drying: Most of professional hair stylists recommend air drying for weave hair extensions. The heat from dryer can ruin the smoothness of hair. To make sure your wavy hair weave have long lifespan, you should allow them do dry naturally.

Tips To Use 18 Inches Human Hair Weave

4. Hair texture of 18 inch weave hair extensions

Depending on facial structure, each girl will choose different hair textures for them. Choosing the right hair texture can be an excellent ways to enhance girl’s beauty and boost self-confidence. You will having glamorous look every day with various hair textures of Luxshinehair. If you are look for hair texture, let’s take a look at 7 hair textures of Luxshinehair which are Body wavy, Bouncy wavy, Deep wavy, Water body wavy, Fumi wavy, Natural wavy and Loose wavy.

Hair Texture Of 18 Inches Weave Hair Extensions

5. What is the difference in hair standards?

Hair standard can be an excellent way to decide the right weave hair extensions for you. Each individual have different hair thickness, so understanding about hair standard will help your hair extensions blend perfectly with your natural hair.

  • Single drawn: Are you interested in natural ending of hair? The hair strands don’t have the same length, but their price is so reasonable.
  • Double drawn: How do you think about a voluminous look? Most short hair in double drawn extensions are removed by hand and these extensions won’t disappoint you.
  • Super double drawn: As its name indicates, super double drawn extensions are the best quality and nearly 100% hair strands have the same length.

What Is The Difference In Hair Standards

6. Different types of hair extensions

Apart from weave hair extensions, Luxshinehair have many different hair extension options for customers. The key to get glamorous look is to find out exactly your hair extensions. To make sure that most our customers can achieve their desirable look, here are 3 other popular hair extensions of Luxshinehair.

  • Lace closure: They are hairpieces and all hair strands are attached carefully to a lace piece. This process requires skilled workers to make sure the accuracy of extensions.
  • Bulk hair: Bulk refers to a bundle of hair without weft, so you can create different hair extensions such as tape-in hair. These extensions are popular and available in different colors and hair textures.
  • Wig: Wig will cover your head from top to bottom and give you a totally new look. What’s better than changing the hair length and hairstyle based on your mood.

Different Types Of Hair Extensions

20 Inch Weave Wavy Human Hair Extensions

7. Why should people choose Luxshinehair?

It can’t be denied that Luxshinehair is one of the top hair extension brands in Vietnam. Here are three remarkable reasons why people choose Luxshinehair.

  • Excellent customer service: We are proud that all consultant of Luxshinehair are dynamic and friendly who are always ready to answer customer’s questions. Moreover to ensure customer’s benefits, we also have 7 days return policy. You are no longer worried about our service.
  • Price: Depending on weight and length of hair, weave hair extensions have different price. The longer the hair, the higher the price tag. However we always try our best to supply high quality extension, but reasonable price to customers. Your money is worthy when you decide to buy hair extensions from Luxshinehair.
  • Delivery: One of the biggest concern of customers buying online is shipping time. In Luxshinehair, it takes only 2-3 days to ship hair extensions to your location. We guarantee that you can receive your favorite weave hair extensions in the short time.


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