There are many different ways to approach beautiful curly and one of the easiest method is wearing weave hair extensions. For numerous girls, hair is their pride, so beautiful hairstyle not only enhance their look but also boost their self-confidence. Perhaps, the world of beautiful curly hair isn’t complicated due to curly hair weave. If you are still wondered how sew in curly hair extensions work, take a look at our beautiful curly weave. All hair imperfection and hair chaotic can be solved with 18 inch weave curly human hair extensions of Luxshinehair.

1. Brief information about 18 inch curly weave

Are you interested in a long curly hair? 18 inch curly weave hair has ability to add length and thickness into your natural hair immediately. Weave hair extensions are one of the popular hair and easy to use on the market. They are known for its versatility and they can cover hair flaws and bring you an elegant look. Weave hair extensions may be your perfect option because they don’t require heat or glue for attachment. Made of human hair, 18 inch weave curly human hair is absolutely safe for your scalp. You are no longer to worry about hair imperfection and your dream of a glamorous hairstyle can become reality.

18 Inch Curly Weave

2. Quality of 18 inch sew in curly hair extensions

Decided to use weave hair extensions, women actually care about the quality of hair. There are numerous advantages of wearing weave hair extensions, however, the poor quality can destroy your healthy hair and your gorgeous hairstyle. At Luxshinehair, we only supply human hair extensions which are collected from Vietnamese women’s hair. The hair is quite popular on the market due to its sleekness. There are no synthetic hair or animal fur in our hair extensions. It can be said that all hair extensions are high quality and safe for wearers. Your curls can be kept in shape and long chic hair obviously makes you look stunning.

18 Inch Curly Hair Weave

3. Tips to care for your 18 inch sew in curly hair extensions

Whether you are going for a formal or casual look, your beautiful curls can be kept in shaped and look more attractive thank to the right care. With regular care and attention, your 18 inch sew in curly hair extensions can last for long time.

  • Brushing: Curly hair is quite hard to keep in shape, so you should know how to brush them properly. To avoid damage your curls, we’d recommend you to use wide tooth comb or your fingers to bush your curly hair.
  • Washing: It can’t be denied that both natural hair and hair extensions need a certain amount of oils to smooth hair. So, you have to use free shampoo and haircare products to wash hair extensions. Besides, remember to wash your extension with warm water.
  • Drying: After washing hair extensions, curly hair weave should be air dried. Over heat from hairdryer can damage the smoothness of hair extensions. To lengthen lifespan of your curly weave hair, it’s essential to know how to wash and dry your curly weave.

20 inch weave curly human hair extensions

4. The difference between three hair standards

Due to the way hair grows, our hair strands often have different length. Thus, if you are looking at hair extensions, you might wonder about the difference between single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn. Hair standard of hair extensions will help you decide the right one.

  • Single drawn: Single drawn hair is the most typical hair extensions and they are sold at affordable price. Many customers are interested in single drawn hair because of its natural finish.
  • Double drawn: Unlike single drawn hair, double drawn hair contain many hair strands having the same length and provide you a fuller appearance. Even though you have to pay more on double drawn hair, its quality won’t make you disappointed.
  • Super double drawn: Known as the highest grade hair, super double drawn hair has ability to bring you a voluminous. The hair strands have the same length from top to bottom because short hairs are removed by hand.

5. Six hair texture of 18 inch curly weave

In face, there are various hair textures of curly hair which are able to affect your appearance. Each texture brings you different style. Having said that you never feel bored with your beautiful curls. Therefore, one of your top priority is to find your best curly hair texture. To help you have obvious idea about curly hair texture, here are six kinds of hair texture of Luxshinehair which are Deep Curly, Fumi Curly, Kinky Curly, Loose Curly, Romantic Curly and Twist Curly. Your hair is beautiful and so do you.

Hair Textures Of 18 Inch Sew In Curly Hair Extensions

6. Beautiful hair extensions of Luxshinehair

Each girl has different interest in hair extensions. In order to satisfy almost customers, Luxshinehair tries best to provide various hair extensions them. Depending on girl’s preference and purpose, they can decide the most suitable hair extensions for their beautiful hair. Apart from weave hair extensions, here are 3 other popular hair extensions of Luxshinehair

Luxshinehair's Curly Weave Hair Extensions

  • Clip-in hair: Clip-in hair extensions are known for its versatility. You can wear or take of hair extensions in within minute. They are a perfect option for your busy day.
  • Ponytail: Ponytail is a unique extensions designed to enhance your ponytail. It adds length and creates a fuller look for you.
  • Wig: How amazing! Wig is able to cover your head and bring you a totally new look. You are able to change your appearance and be confident about your beautiful hair.

7. Excellent customer service of Luxshinehair

At Luxshinehair, the satisfaction of customer is our first priority, so we always try our best to bring customers the best products and services. Our friendly and dynamic administrators are always willing to answer all customer’s questions. Moreover, the delivery is quick. You are no longer worried about shipping time if you choose Luxshinehair. Call us or email us right now to have more information about 18 inch curly weave human hair extensions.


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