These days hair extensions have become a huge part of fashion. Hair extension not only help women enhance their appearance, but also make them feel more confident in themself. With hair extensions, women don’t have to wait a long time for growing hair and they can transform their hairstyle instantly. Luxshinehair which is a famous hair extensions brand in Vietnam provides a variety options of glamorous hair extensions. If you are looking for a nice extensions with high quality, you should take a look at our 16 weave straight hair extenions.

Things You Need To Know About 16 Inches Weave Hair
Things You Need To Know About 16 Inches Weave Hair

1. Description of 16 inch weave hair

Luxshinehair is one of leading hair extensions company in Vietnam, so we only sell high quality weave hair extensions. Virgin hair extensions can ensure that your natural hair can remain healthy. They also look the same as your natural hair, so nobody is able to find out you are wearing extensions. These extensions are smooth and they can be styled as you want. By using 16 inch weave straight extensions, you will archieve your dream’s look with perfect hair.

Description Of 16 Inches Weave Hair
Description Of 16 Inches Weave Hair


2. Quality of weave straight hair extensions

Appearance plays a vital role in life, so women always concern about the quality of weave hair extensions. Luxshinehair cares about the health of customers, so we provide weave hair extensions which is made from Vietnam women hair. These virgin hair are unprocessed and they are collected from Vietnamese women living in the countryside. We guarantee that our weave hair have no nylon cotton or harsh chemicals which are harmful for customer’s skin. It can be said that our weave hair extensions are soft and have perfect shape to match with your natural hair. Thank to gorgeous hair extensions from Luxshinehair, you look absolutely stunning.

3. Textured hair extensions for perfect look

Today Vietnamese hair become more and more popular and has versatile textures. Luxshinehair offers 3 textures of hair extensions which are natural straight, yaki straight and kinky straight. Depending on your natural texture, these hair extensions can perfectly match with your natural hair.

  • Natural straight: Natural straight texture brings the same look as your own straight hair. These extensions are unprocessed hair.
  • Yaki straight: Yaki straight texture helps your hair looks thicker. This texture will be a great choice for your hair.
  • Kinky straight: If you think natural straight texture is boring, kinky straight texture will meet your expectations. You will be outstanding person thank to this texture.
Textured Hair Extensions For Perfect Look
Textured Hair Extensions For Perfect Look


4. 3 standards of 16 inch weave hair extensions

Each person has different hair growth rates, so you should learn about hair standard to get perfect look. Luxshinehair provide 3 standards of weave hair extensions for customers which may help them achieve a classy and fassionable look.

  • Single drawn: If you are looking for an inexpensive hair extensions, single drawn extensions will be your great choice.
  • Double drawn: Double drawn extensions are able to deal with your thin hair. You won’t regret buying these hair extensions.
  • Super double drawn: Super double drawn are high quality extensions. They will give you the look of real hair and an attractive look.

5. Major benefits of 16 inch weave hair

  • Transform your appearance quickly:

It only takes a short time to put on hair extensions. You will get your dream look with simple steps. Besides with weave hair extensions you can let your natural hair grow healthily without harmful chemicals, but you still look gorgeous with beautiful hair.

  • Change color:

Weave hair extensions allow you to apply different colors in your hair without using any harsh chemicals which can damage your natural hair. There are no risks and you can easily change hair extensions whenever you want.

  • Be confident:

You will no longer worried about your thin hair thank to hair extensions. You look so attractive with gorgeous weave hair extensions. 16 inches weave straight hair of Luxshinehair will help you archieve your dream hair.

Major Benefits Of 16 Inches Weave Hair
Major Benefits Of 16 Inches Weave Hair


6. Home care for 16 inch weave straight hair

No matter what kind of hair extensions you have, you should know how to care for natural hair extensions. With a proper care, your weave human hair extensions can last for a long time.

  • With human hair extensions, nothing is more important than using free shampoo to wash them. Virgin hair extensions can’t produce oils, so you need to keep them moisturized as much as possible to prevent damage and maitain silky look.
  • To avoid weave human hair extensions, you should only wash them with warm water
  • You should brush your hair extensions gently by a wide tooth comb and you shouldn’t brush wet hair because they are easily vulnerable.

7. Other popular weave hair extensions

  • Tape-in: These extensions are safe because they don’t require any heat or tools for application. Clients can save a lot of time thank to the fastest and easiest methods of wearing hair extensions.
  • Clip-in: Clip-in extensions are wonderful beacause they are easily clipped in and removed. You can wear them on any events or occasions by yourself.
  • Ponytail: The combination of straight texture and virgin human hair make you look stunning and glamorous. These hair extensions are comfortable to use
  • V-tip: V-tip hair extension will have to own an impressive hairstyle. V-tip extensions consist of many hair pieces which have tip bonded by keratin.
Other Popular Weave Hair Extensions
Other Popular Weave Hair Extensions


8. Luxshinehair – Trusted brand

Luxshinehair guarantees that 100% virgin hair extensions has origined from Vietnamese women hair. To make high quality products, we have skillful workers and we do the whole attaching process by hand. We offer high quality weave extensions and your glamorous hair is our priority. Moreover Luxshinehair always have enthusiatic consultations who helps you find out the best weave hairstyle for customers. If you have any problem or concern, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We bring to customers not only high quality human hair extensions, but also excellent customer services. 16 inches weave straight human hair extensions of Luxshine hair extensions will meet customer expectations even fastidious customer. Luxshinehair cares about the natural look of your hair and our virgin hair will have you enhance your beauty.

Best wholesale vendor supplier of hair extensions

Luxshinehair Import-Export Joint Stock Company
Add: No 68, Nguyen Co thach street, Nam Tu Liem district, Ha Noi city
Phone: (+84) 943 564 434



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