Having a thick hair might be a dream of many girls and from now on, the dream can become real thank to weave hair extensions. Be creative with your weave hair extensions is an art. If you want to refresh your look and try on wavy hair, go right ahead. Wavy hair extensions are known for its multiple benefits as enhance beauty and cover hair flaws. Luxshinehair promises that you will find your inspiration hairstyle with our 14 inch wavy hair weave.

Wavy Hairstyle With 14 Inches Weave Hair Extensions

1. 14 inch natural wavy hair weave description

Weave hair extensions include many hair pieces which are made by sewing hair together in one line. They are available to different hairstyle and hair texture. Made from human hair, hair extensions are soft and smooth. These extensions is suitable for individuals who are interested in medium length. Your hair is longer than 14 inch weave hairstyles are popular that not only accomplish require of suitable hair length but also give a stunning and charming look to your hair.

14 Inches Natural Wavy Hair Weave Description

2. Why do girls choose 14 inch weave human hair extensions

It can’t be denied that the quality of hair extensions plays an important part in the charming beauty of girls. Thus with many years of experience in this field, Luxshinehair guarantees that our weave hair extensions have exceptional quality. All hair extensions from Luxshinehair have originated from Vietnamese women’s hair. The hair are quite popular in the world market due to its smoothness and sleekness. Moreover our hair extensions which is made from 100% virgin human hair are safe to use and don’t harm the cuticle of your hair. Girls can absolutely achieve elegant look by wearing 14 inches weave hair extensions of Luxshinehair.

Reasons To Choose 14 Inches Weave Human Hair Extensions

3. Different hair textures of 14 inch weave wavy hair extensions

To create the best hairstyle, girls have to learn carefully about hair texture. Depending on face structure and natural hairstyle, girls can decide their right weave hair extensions. Having deeply understanding about hair texture help girl look fabulous in special occasion or event in life. Thus Luxshinehair introduces 7 hair textures for you which are Body wavy, Bouncy wavy, Deep wavy, Water body wavy, Fumi wavy, Natural wavy and Loose wavy.

Hair Textures Of 14 Inches Weave Wavy Hair Extensions

4. Hair standards of 14 inch wavy hair weave

Regardless of the fact that you have a thin or thick hair, basic understanding of hair standard will help you decide the right weave hair extensions for you. Luxshinehair provides 3 hair standards for you.

  • Single drawn: These extensions contain both short and long hair strands in a bundle. However single drawn extensions are quite popular because they are sold at reasonable price.
  • Double drawn: These hair extensions will give you a full look because they contain many hair strands having the same length.
  • Super double drawn: Super double drawn extensions are the best hair because most hair strands have the same length. The skilled workers removed short hair by hand.

Hair Standards Of 14 Inches Wavy Hair Weave

5. Three reasons why girls choose 14 inch natural wavy hair extensions

Today wavy hair weave becomes more familiar with girls and from time to time you may notice that wavy hair weave has multiple benefits that make girls choose them. Here are 3 remarkable reasons for their choice.

  • Change your look instantly: No one can deny that weave wavy human hair extensions are able to give you a new look in a short time. You don’t have to spend the whole day in hairdresser to dye or style your hair. These hair extensions are comfortable and easy to apply to your natural hair. With simple steps, you will has an elegant hairstyle.
  • Are comfortable to use: All weave hair extensions from Luxshinehair are made from Vietnamese women’s hair, so they are absolutely safe to use. Besides, wavy hair weave is stuck to your natural hair without any heat and glue.
  • Boost self-confidence: How many times do you feel desperate due to your thin hair or your bad haircut? From now on, you are no longer worried about this problem with 14 inches wavy hair weave. These extensions are able to cover most your hair flaws. People can’t take off their eyes on you.

Girls With 14 Inches Natural Wavy Hair Extensions

6. Haircare tips for 14 inch human wavy hair weave.

Sometimes you may be worried why your wavy hair weaves don’t last for a long time. Even though weave hair extensions are human hair and they can be treated as your natural hair, you still have to pay attention to proper care. Here are 5 tips you on making lifespan of your weave extensions last longer.

  • Washing hair: After a week, you should wash your hair extensions to maintain its smoothness. Wavy hair weave should be washed by warm water. While you are washing your weave with shampoo, be gentle and clean them carefully. You should you a wide tooth comb to brush them from tips to root.
  • Drying hair: Just like your natural hair, over heat con damage your weave. After washing your hair extensions, you should leave them air dry. The truth is that air drying puts less stress on your strands, so it is great choice for your healthy hair.
  • Storing: Storing your weave hair extensions properly can increase their lifespan. To maintain the smoothness of wavy hair weave, you should brush them before storing. Besides these extensions must be completely dry if you decide to store them.

Haircare Tips For 14 Inches Human Wavy Hair Weave

16 Inch Weave Wavy Human Hair Extensions

7. Achieving glamorous look with other hair extensions of Luxshinehair

Over a long period of development, Luxshinehair believes that the best hairstyle of customers is our priority. We try our best to bring various types of hair extensions to help customers get their dream look. Apart from wavy hair extensions, here are 3 other types of hair extensions of Luxshinehair

  • Bulk hair: In fact, you can made different tape hair or weave hair by using bulk hair extensions. These extensions are also sold at reasonable price for everyone.
  • Tape-in hair: These are one of the easiest hair extensions methods. They don’t require ant heat tools or glue for applications. You will save a lot of time by wearing tape-in hair extensions.
  • Ponytail: These extensions are an amazing way to add volume and length to your natural hair. The combination of wavy line and suitable length make you look gorgeous. You can use our ponytail for more than 3 years and these extensions won’t tangle.


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