Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked how could you appear more attractive in the crowd? The truth is that every girl have a desire for fabulous look and fortunately weave hair extensions have ability to help girl deal with that problem. Weave hair extensions allow you to try on different hairstyle and hair color, as well. Girls feel more confident and attractive when they own a right hairstyle. Therefore finding a trusted hair extension brand is their top priority. Because there are numerous hair extension brands, you might be confused about the quality of extensions in the market. Luxshinehair is proud that we are one of top leader hair extension brands in Vietnam and here are information that you need to know about our 10 inch wavy hair weave extensions.

10 Inches Wavy Hair Extensions

1. General information about 10 inch wavy hair weave.

With 10 inches weave hair extensions, your hair reaches the nape of the neck. It’s long enough to tie your hair back or create different hairstyle. These extensions are sleek and blend completely with your natural hair. 10 inch wavy hair extensions uses 100% human hair, so they are easy to apply and remove to your hair and you absolutely get a stunning look.

10 Inches Wavy Hair Weave

2. Why 10 inch weave hair extensions work for everyone?

No one can deny that the quality of wavy hair extensions are able to decide how charming you look. Understanding your requirement, Luxshinehair only sells high quality hair extensions and you can get a beautiful hair without having to go to salon. Our wavy hair extensions are made from 100% Vietnamese women’s hair. Their hair are known for the smoothness and the flexibility to style. There aren’t synthetic hair or chemicals in our hair extensions, so we can guarantee that these wavy hair extensions are completely safe for your hair cuticle and your skin. We absolutely love seeing your charming appearance with our wavy human hair extensions.

10 Inches Weave Hair Extensions

3. Hair texture of 10 inches wavy human hair extensions

There are multiple ways to change your hairstyle due to hair texture. Wavy hair falls somewhere between straight hair and curly hair. Wavy hair weave is soft with S-shaped waves. If you are able to know about the difference between wavy hair texture, you are able create your gorgeous hairstyle. Luxshinehair offers 7 kinds of wavy hair texture and we hope you can get the best hair.

  • Body wavy
  • Bouncy wavy
  • Deep wavy
  • Water body wavy
  • Fumi wavy
  • Natural wavy
  • Loose wavy

Hair Texture Of 10 Inches Wavy Human Hair Extensions

4. Hair standard of 10 inch weave human hair extensions

Before you decide which type of wavy hair extensions to apply to your hair, you should have basic understanding about hair standard. The wavy hair extensions will look natural as your own hair if you know about the thickness of your hair. Luxshinehair has 3 options for you.

  • Single drawn: Every single hair of single drawn extensions has different length because the hair is thick at the top and thin at the end
  • Double drawn: If you want to own a thicker hair, double drawn extensions will meet your expectation. These hair extensions are quite thick and they can give you a full look.
  • Super double drawn: Every single hair is thick from roots to ends. Super double drawn extensions promise to bring you a voluminous look.

Hair Standard Of 10 Inches Weave Human Hair Extensions

5. Best care for 10 inch weave human hair extensions

We all know that our weave hair extensions are 100% virgin human hair which are known as soft and sleek hair. Even though weave human hair extensions can be treated as your natural hair, there are still some potential risk for your wavy hair weave. When you want your weave hair extensions stay looking and last as long as possible, you will need to follow some guidelines bellow.

  • Sleeping with your hair extensions: Weave hair extensions are weft hair, so you can wear them to sleep. However these extensions don’t receive an amount of oil from your head, so you need to be take care of them carefully. Sleep on silk pillowcase which are safe for both hair extensions and your natural hair.
  • Washing wavy hair weave: To avoid damage weave hair extensions, you should wash them gently with warm water. Free shampoo and moisturizing products are recommended for your hair extensions.
  • Avoiding over heat: In fact, wavy hair extensions are prone to dryness by heat tools. They are unable to make themselves smooth back.

Best Care For 10 Inches Weave Human Hair Extensions

12 inch weave wavy human hair extensions

6. Benefits of using 10 inch weave wavy hair

Have you ever wondered why wavy hair extensions can become chic hair styling accessories? There are more and more girls who are interested in weave hair extensions and here are 3 key reasons why girls choose 10 inch human hair extensions from Luxshinehair.

  • Cover hair loss: In the market there are thousand hair products that promise to bring a thick hair but they aren’t able to do it. Wavy hair extensions can hide your hair flaws in a short time. You will look attractive and won’t be worried about your thin hair.
  • Change different hair colors: Hair color can be consider a highlight point for your appearance. Changing your hair color frequently is expensive and it can damage your natural hair. Thus weave hair extensions give girls an opportunity to change different color as they want.
  • Change your appearance instantly: One of the key benefit of wavy hair extensions is that they are able to give you totally a new look. Depending on your mood, you can change the hairstyle and the length of hair immediately.

Benefits Of Using 10 Inches Wavy Hair Weave

7. Different options of hair extensions

When choosing hair extensions, you will want to own the right hair extensions for you. There are plenty types of hair extensions which might make you feel confused. To help you solve that problem, Luxshinehair provides 3 more types of hair extensions for you.

  • Flat-tip hair: Flat-tip hair contains many hair pieces which weight about 0.5 – 1 gram. The hair tips are flat and stick firmly into your natural hair.
  • V-tip hair: These hair extensions stick to your hair by V-shaped tips. The keratin tips are melt by special tool.
  • Ponytail: These extensions use high quality hair of Vietnamese women which promise to bring you elegant look.


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