Today, many women love wearing hair extensions which help enhance their glamorous look, and women can change hair color or hairstyle frequently without damage their own hair. If you are looking for a reliable brand, Luxshinehair will be your perfect choice.

10 Inches Vietnamese Silky Straight Hair Extensions
10 Inches Vietnamese Silky Straight Hair Extensions

Vietnamese 10 inch weaves straight hair extensions are popular on the world market. They are known for their versatility, soft and silky extensions. Luxshinehair extension will give you a natural hairstyle from top to bottom. You will love your weave as it is able to perfect your hair.

1. What is 10 inch weave straight hair extensions

10 inch weave straight hair extensions are made from 100% human hair. They are soft and can match with your own hair in color and texture quickly. Luxshinehair cares about your natural and charming look, so we always supply high quality hair extensions to customers. You can trust Luxshinehair items.

Luxshinehair 10 inch hair extensions

2. Quality of 10 inch weave

With many years in this fields, Luxshinehair is confident that our hair extensions are 100% human hair. We use Vietnamese women hair to create hair extensions which are always soft and silky. By using our products, your hair will look prettier. Nobody can know that you are wearing hair extensions. We also care about health of customers, so we guarantee that extensions are authentic hair and they can be treated as your own hair. It can be said that our hair extensions are safe for your own hair. They are also easy to use and take care of. If you are looking for high quality hair extensions, but reasonable price, Luxshinehair will be your best choice.

Quality Of 10 Inches Weave
Quality Of 10 Inches Weave

3. 10 inch weave hair textures

You are looking for straight hair extensions, but you are still worried about your thin hair or your hairstyle. Here are 3 textures of weave straight hair which may help you to archieve your best look.

  • Natural straight: It is the simplest of hair texture. Without any curl or wave pattern, this style can be suitable for anyone and it is easy to take care of
  • Yaki straight: With yaki straight extensions, your hair will look thicker and it can help to hide flaws of your thin hair.
  • Kinky straight: Wearing kinky straight extensions your hair definitely looks bobbing. This texture could be your great choice and help enhance your beautiful look.

4. Standard of weave straight hair

Luxshinehair is proud that our extensions come from 100% human hair which are always soft, silky and safe for your skin. Here are there standards of weave straight hair which are single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn.

  • Single drawn: This extension doesn’t have the same length. If you love a natural look at the end of your hair, single drawn is exactly what you need. It is thick at the top and thin at the end.
  • Double drawn: With double drawn, you can achieve voluminous look. This hair extensions is quite thick.
  • Super double drawn: If you are a big fan of thick volume, super double drawn will be your great choice. It is thick from top to ends and helps you to gain glamorous look.
Standard Of Weave Straight Hair
Standard Of Weave Straight Hair

5. Caring for weave hair extensions

As you know hair extensions care is a necessary part of the longevity of hair extensions. Because extensions are virgin hair, you can take care of them as your own hair. This type of extensions is soft and smooth, so you can curl, color or apply hair products to hair extensions. You should keep your hair clean by washing your extensions at least once or twice a week with warm water. However some factors such as sun and harsh friction are capable of damaging hair extensions, so please be careful with those factors. The lifespans of extensions are based on how you take care of them.


6. Different types of weave hair extensions

If you are still unsure about what extensions will fit your hairstyle, you should read information here to find out the best extensions for you.

  • Clip-in: Clip-in is quite popular because you can easily put them on whenever you you want and there isn’t any serious damage to your natural hair.
  • Lace Closure: It is a half wig which places at the top of the head to close of the style. Wearing lace closure you can hide flaws of your real hair
  • Lace Frontal: Lace frontal is made from the same material as a lace closure, but it covers your hair from ear to ear.
  • Wigs: Wig is considered to be the easiest extensions to use. It can fit the shape of your head and change your appearance quickly.
Different Types Of Weave Hair Extensions
Different Types Of Weave Hair Extensions

7. Price of weaves extensions

Luxshinehair promises that we always sells high quality products with reasonable price. The pice is based on the length and the volume of extensions. Our consultants will you the best advice on extensions and help you to choose items with reasonable price. Besides, we also have 7 days return policy to ensure customer’s benefits. Thank to Luxshinehair extensions you can achieve the look you want.


8. Why you should choose weave hair extension?

Human hair extensions have many styles, colors and form which help women achieve their desirable look. Here are some advantages of using hair extensions

  • Change your look: You want to try new hairstyle, but you worry about your natural hair, weave hair extensions can help you to deal with this problem. Hair extensions are able to change your look immediately without harming for your own hair.
  • Save money: One of the best things about Luxshinehair extensions is that the hair is able to reusable. You can save a lot of money by using weave human hair.
  • Add volume: Hair extensions are perfect choice for customers who suffer from thin hair. You will no longer have an inferiority about your hair
Why You Should Choose Weave Hair Extension
Why You Should Choose Weave Hair Extension

9. Why Luxshinehair will be your great choice?

Luxshinehair always care about customer’s need. We supply human hair extensions with high quality to customers. 10 inches weave straight hair extensions have many colors and textures, so you can choose the best extensions for your hairstyle. We always pay attention to customers experience and listens to your feedback. Your next best hairstyle is waiting on you and Luxshinehair is always willing to listen from you.

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